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Girls’ Weekend.

Sometimes — in life — you just need to get the hell outta Dodge!
Which is a coarse way of saying that I had the most lovely Girls’ Weekend last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  To celebrate two of my best friends’ birthdays, we rented a log cabin in Wimberley, Texas, this adorable two-story rustic affair with a gigantic front porch and a gigantic-er kitchen. 

My friends and I like to “theme” our get-togethers, and as you can see, the theme for this weekend was Country Cabin.  Slash Dolly Parton. In fact, it could be argued that Dolly Parton was our Patron Saint for the weekend, given the Dolly Parton wig involved (those are some killer pictures), the group sing-a-long for “Jolene” AND the fact that one of the magazines there in the cabin just so happened to have Dolly on the cover.  She was peeking out of the top left-hand corner of The Week, blessing our cabin stay.

One of the most magical things about Wimberley is that it is the only place in Texas that STILL HAS WATER.  Please forget anything you’ve heard about a “drought” or a “fire” or “the driest Texas has ever been in recorded history” because as you can see, those conditions simply do not exist in Wimberley.

This happy creature is my friend Nina’s dog, Zooly.  Don’t you love the way Nina’s other dog, Dee, is totally photo-bombing this picture?

happy birthday to two of my best friends in the entire world!  i love you so much, girlfriends of mine.  i feel cooler than chuck norris having you as my buddies.

Have a wonderful weekend, Reader!