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This post begins with lovely photography, and devolves into me smearing things on my face.

Hi friends. Did you all have a lovely weekend?
As some of you know, I got a Diana F+ camera recently. This weekend I discovered I am a pretty awesome Diana F+ photographer. By the way, it’s opposite day.
Oh you guys … I am terrible with the Diana F+. Terrible right now, that is. That’s because I’m determined to improve!  I want nothing more than to snap iconic Austin shots, and dazzle you with my fuzzy, ethereal, double-exposed photos. Earlier this summer, I decided to do something about my questionable cooking. Now, I am moving onto photography.  Perhaps the BP oil spill next?  Sky’s the limit.   

Oh Diana F+ photos, you enchant me so.  
The photos you see above come from this lovely blog, and the last three, this Flickr user.

Do you want to know a secret? One of the most amazing lomo photography streams, if you’re into lomo photography, comes from an Austinite. His Flickr page is here, and I stalk it every so often.

Want to know something else? I moaned aloud today. In public. It was quite un-ladylike. 
For that I blame Delysia Chocolate, who was giving out samples today at Sirens Salon – where there was a little Fashion Week party. The founder let me taste cayenne dark chocolate, cabernet sauvignon chocolate, and cigar chocolate. It was all so exciting that I accidentally wiped chocolate sauce on my forehead, no doubt while gesturing wildly, and didn’t realize it until the party was finished. Do I not have normal-person feeling sensors on my face, or something? Because this is the second time a foreign substance has been all over my face and I didn’t realize it. 
Luckily, this incident wasn’t quite as dramatic as the last.

Where I go when I can’t be creative.

Do you ever have days – or weeks – when you start, stop, start, stop, and start again on something creative, but just can’t see it through?

That is me, with blogging. Lately, I have started a ton of blog posts that never come to fruition, either because they are boring, or because they’re not something I think you would want to read, or because I simply stall out halfway in. It’s like someone hits a switch, and my fingers freeze, mid-type. “We’re done now!”

As long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve realized that sometimes, I need to take breaks, and dive into someone else’s art before returning to mine.

I’ve posted on Tamara Lichtenstein before, but while perusing my friend Amanda’s blog, Dishevelled Stars, last night, I was reminded how much I adore her photography.
(Doesn’t this girl look like Liz Lemon?)
Thank you, Tamara.

Style rut help.

Oh, Reader.  I am in a bit of a style rut.

I’ve always felt a little “safe” in my fashion choices, it’s true. Cute, but…safe.  I will take one risk and wear it to death, as evidenced by yesterday morning.  I began putting on shorts and tights for roughly the two thousandth time and thought, “this has got to stop.” Something new is in order. A wholesale change.

Whenever I get to feeling this way, I look at people with styles I admire. My friend Sarah is one such person, and – dare I say it? – Nicole Richie is another. Don’t even front y’all. You and I both know how good she looks.

So in lieu of an Austin-y or musical post this morning, I feel like looking at pictures with a very articulated vintage style, to hopefully get my groove back. Even more so than how Stella got her groove back.

I love this guy.
And this woman.

These gorgeous photographs comes from the eyes and hands of Courtney Brooke. She doesn’t live in Austin, but I wish she did.


A little eye candy, a little ear candy: It is Friday.

So let’s celebrate!

I’m getting 2 rolls of Holga film developed this weekend, so to whet my appetite, I pulled gems from my favorite Flickr photographers.  Most of these are Holga pics, but some are not.


hey azi

jean marc crocfort

This next photographer is very, very special. Her name is Pamela Klaffke, and I kind of stalk her site. A bit. Here is why.

Isn’t that magical? I wish I could make my camera do those things.

Also, for your ears: Here’s a delicious treat from the ol’ YouTube. I pulled it specifically because Classixx is playing tonight for Learning Secrets’ birthday show at Beauty Bar. If you like Phoenix, you might dig this too.  And, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get a kick out of the video.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Eye candy: Tamara Lichtenstein.

Through a complete and total accident, I happened upon Tamara Lichtenstein’s haunted and haunting photography site last night.
I was a little thrilled – almost inappropriately so – to discover this quiet corner of internet magic, while the entire rest of my city was raucous and preoccupied with the Texas vs. Alabama championship game. For a sports-apathetic person like me, this felt a bit like cheating on a lover you never really cared about in the first place. (Sorry, football).
Now that I’m beginning to toe the water of photography just a bit, it seems I can’t detach myself from Flickr. All I have to do is search for “Holga,” and I’m sucked into an endless click stream for God knows how long.