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I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours: GARY! gives you the weekend haps

Well bless Patsy, it’s Friday!

But. Before you blaze off into the weekend, why not let Austin Eavesdropper’s better half give you the inside scoop? Below, GARY! reveals his weekend agenda, and invites you to share your plans in the comments section below.  GARY!, take it away:

Well Reader, we made it.  One more work week has passed us by and we have survived to live work another day.  My intention in writing to you today isn’t to get you down on the fact that in 48 hours we will once again pass go, collect our $200, maybe buy some real estate, and possibly (for some) end up in jail.  Now I know what you are thinking: Did Gary just do a Monopoly™ metaphor for life? Yes. Yes I did.  You see today is Friday.  That means for the next 48 hours we all get to be our own bosses.  We get to do what we want, when we want.  So this begs the question, “What are YOU going to do with YOUR 48 hours?” 

Now it’s sometimes nice to have one of those quiet weekends where you get centered, but this friend, is NOT one of those weekends.   Why you say?  Well for starters have you seen the weather forecast?  This is the kind of weekend to get out there and actually LIVE IN AUSTIN.  And yes I know you already live here, but how often do you experience everything that makes this one of the damn sexiest cities in the US?  I want you to use Austin.  I want you to take advantage of her (yes I’ve decided that Austin is a girl. Deal with it). Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The following takes place between Friday 5:00pm and Sunday 12:00am.
The events occur in real time.
Friday: A Town Called Panic & The Learning Secrets Birthday Blowout


Now I’m going to mount the old soapbox here for a second to give you some advice.  It’s no secret that I have mad LOVE for the Alamo Drafthouse.  Without a doubt it is definitely one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.  When people from outside of Austin hear about it they rarely understand how anyone could love a movie theater this much.  They say things like, well yeah it’s cool that they serve beer and food, but it’s just a movie theater.  When I hear that phrase, I just want to load a tube sock up with a bunch of quarters and starting swinging it over my head like Lucy Lawless in Xena: The Warrior Princess.  JUST A MOVIE THEATER?  How dare you!   

What makes the Drafthouse more than your average AMC/Cinemark are the people behind the scenes.  People like Tim League, Henri Mazza, Lars Nilsen, and Zack Carlson who program some of the coolest things most people outside of LA and NY never get a chance to see.  So when you see them recommend something, you should heed their advice and buy a ticket.  This is exactly what I did when I heard they were bringing A Town Called Panic to Austin.  This film that won the Fantastic Fest Audience Award, and if you visited the Drafthouse in the past two months, then you have surely seen the bizarre stop motion animation trailer featuring a mischievous Cowboy,  his friend Indian, and a Talking Horse. 

According to their website, Panic was never even supposed to play in Austin, and is currently only scheduled for a one week run at the Alamo Ritz. Not sure how long this one is going to be playing, so if you’re interested I would probably go sooner than later. (Tickets here.) Oh and if you are interested in following the Alamo crew on Twitter, you can find them all here.


After the movie it is a short jaunt down the street to Beauty Bar (location location location!) to meet up with those purveyors of fun, Learning Secrets.  Tolly did a post on this party last week that you can find here.  There should still be time to RSVP, but if you are coming, hurry up and get on it.  We ain’t got no time for jibba jabba!

Saturday: Bike Rides, Greenbelts, Beer, and Hip Hop


If the forecast is to be believed, it is going to be freaking nice this outside.  Next to Portland we probably have one of the best cities for outdoor activities, so make sure you get out there and take full advantage of the awesomeness by going for a bike ride, a run around Town Lake, or hit up the Greenbelt.  Check out these pics of Cambell’s Hole I took last weekend, and tell me you don’t want to go adventuring on the Greenbelt.


But Gary, what happens when the sun goes down?  I’m glad you asked, because hip hop happens, that’s what.  We have 2 shows to choose from on Saturday.  Aesop Rock is playing at Mohawk.  I love this guy and this is where I will be for sure.  The last time I checked tickets were still available for $20, but I’m told that it is very close to selling out. 

The second show is actually a local act called BetaPlayer.  Show starts at 9:45 over at The Independent, and you can find more info on that show over at Do512.

Sunday: The Lord’s Day


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!  Simply put, find the best damn patio that serves brunch and park yourself there until they kick you out.  Brunch is THE sacred meal.  It is the meal where Jesus turns water into mimosas, and is basically the equivalent of eating a communion wafer that’s been dipped in queso and salsa. YUMMO!  The thing I love about brunch is that depending on the weekend you had,  it also  serves as a quasi therapy session.  It’s when you and your friends get together over some food and drinks to reassemble the puzzle pieces of the last 48 hours. 

My suggestion is to roll up into El Chile Café or Zocalo for some of the best damn Chilaquiles you’ll ever have in your entire life.  If you end up at El Chile try the Chilango Margarita, and if you end up at Zocalo their frozen Sangria is a treat.  

After brunch, it’s up to you because after all, you’re still your own boss for another 12 hours or so.

Hit us up in the comments to let us know what you’ve got up your sleeves this weekend.  After all, I showed you mine, so it’s only right to show us yours.  As they said in the Legend of Billie Jean, Fair is Fair!”  Gosh I really do love Pat Benatar.

That’s all I got,