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My stunning debut.

Ok…you guys. I am dying.

So a few months ago, my buddy Rene and I made a series of instructional videos for One of their videographers came over to her little design studio, when it used to be located above Spiderhouse, and we shot these segments together.

Now do any of you have one of those friends who laughs at nothing? Giggles at inopportune moments? This is me pretty much ALL of the time, but for some reason, Rene and I were cracking each other UP while filming these. I think because we were deliberately being a little bit cheesy.

“Rene, can you show me how to design a dress?”

“Absolutely! Let’s go!

And, oh, the end result does not fail. As I sit here typing this post, I am giggling like a LUNATIC.

This video I’ve posted below is pretty straightforward/educational. But this video, however, sends me into total hysterics. What’s going on with the editing at the beginning? Am I dancing?


WINNERS of Perez SXSW 2010 Party.


Caleb Does the Bleet-Up, or: My Bleety Valentine

Just when you thought I had shut up, for real, about the Bleet-Up.

Season 2 of Caleb Does is kicking off y’all, and the show’s requisite brand of party-hopping is getting a little….twist. They stopped by our soirĂ©e for a while, but afterwards, a most unfortunate turn of events occurred.

Below, Caleb gets interviews with moi, Do512 Kristin, Richard from Ultra8201, Swamplot, and more. Oh, and….Freaky Franky Mae. But what a shame.

Stay tuned.


Austin bloggers (y mas) on Caleb Does!

How fun is this! “Caleb Does” is this rad Do512-sponsored TV show on the interwebs. Caleb and his partner-in-crime Emmett, the man behind the camera, go to Austin parties around town and ask attendees what’s what. About a week and a half ago, they came out to the very awesome launch party for Cherrypeel, and some of us Austin bloggers got a little face time!

Logan from Chrontourage, Richard from Ultra8201, and yours truly appear around minute 6:20 to talk about the next Austin Bleet-Up. (Which I am so excited about!!) Logan even receives a formal invitation.

Speaking of the Bleet-Up – as soon as we get our date straight with Mohawk, we’ll tell you Austin bloggers and blog-readers all about it. All I can say now is we’re busy putting it all together, and I can’t wait to dish.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks Kristen and Scott for the shout-outs!! Reader, I’ll have you know that those two, along with Logan as a matter of fact, have a pretty fantastic happy hour event coming up that we’ll be talking about soon here on Austin Eavesdropper.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank Flip Scene and Cherrypeel, and the really wonderful job they did reaching out to the local blogging community. As Kristen and Scott mention around the 9:20 minute mark, it truly was like a little social media utopia. Rock on you guys.