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Hey! The Zooey Deschanel Show

Oh my God.

My dear friend (and fellow Mortified alum) Ted just turned me onto this: Hey! The Zooey Deschanel Show

Somehow he must have read my mind, and already have known how much I enjoy  Because this brilliant Zooey version has me in stitches.

I mean, right! 

The show was created by Austinite Noël Kristi Wells, who also submitted the following — and if possible, even more awesome — audition video to Saturday Night Live.

The celeb imitations are pretty great, but I think I like the Austin hipster imitation (the last one to appear) the best! 

Locals (and Williamsburg, Brooklyn natives), we all know this person.  Hell, some of us are this person.

Oh, the Justin Bieber character … it’s a close tie for me, in terms of favorite, between Austin hipster (“yeah, so, technically, I’m a pescatarian”) and Justin Bieber (“ooh!  Girl!”)

Also. This next thing is completely off-topic. 

But, look what I just learned to do by accident on my keyboard:


Maybe you didn’t catch that.


So fancy!


Help one of our own get her dream job.

Informal poll.

If there was one place on the entire Earth where you could visit, for as long as you wanted, and money was no option — where would it be?

It’s almost impossible for me to answer that question. There are so many! But, here are my top 5:

5. A cross-country tour of major American cities I haven’t visited yet: Seattle, Portland, Sante Fe, Chicago, Boston
4. Montreal
3. Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.)
2. Nepal
1. Brazil OR Costa Rica

That only scratches the surface.

Before I took my first major out-of-the-country trip, to Italy, I basically thought everyone dressed like they worked on a vineyard.  I remember buying a long, black, flowy peasant skirt, thinking, “This will help me blend in with The Italians.”

I soon realized that in MILAN, where I was living, and where there is nary a vineyard in sight, slacks and functional (but stylish) sneakers were the order of the day. Long, romantic skirts get caught in subway doors, and their hems drag through disease-laden street puddles. Plus, it was harder to shop when you had a big unwieldy skirt to deal with, forcing you to ultimately try less things on, and nobody wanted that!

I think about Milan almost daily.  I sincerely hope I get to go back someday.

Maybe the next best thing will happen, though.

An Austinite named Jennifer Parker emailed me last week about her dream job: Becoming a TV travel gal. She entered a contest to host “Paradise Hunter,” and wants all of us to vote for her.

I told her I was absolutely in. Provided she bring me along on one of her fabulous trips, of course!  (Just kidding). Not really.

We can vote for Jennifer once daily, up until November 5. She currently stands at roughly 5,000 votes, and has been fluctuating in the Top 10. But just like we rallied for Trash Dance a few weeks ago, I say we go vote for her!  The top contender right now has between 9,000 – 10,000. We can totally beat that. Especially since we’re allowed to vote every day.

Good luck, Jennifer!  Just voted for you again, girl.


TONIGHT: Pre-Revolutionary France in Austin, Texas

Wow, three posts in one day? It’s like this is a real city blog!

So tonight, I’m headed to A Hair Affair, a fashion show fundraiser for Locks of Love at The Phoenix. I’ve been looking forward to this event ever since Austin Eavesdropper superstar commenter, Le Tigre, turned me onto it.  Also, I overheard Ana describing the event at As You Like it Agnes last weekend (see? Am real eavesdropper), so I knew the show was going to be avante garde, pre-revolutionary France style. Or in other words, bonkers.

Ana sought several images to give her some hair-spiration for the show tonight. Here is a small sample.

Question: Why did we ever get rid of ship-themed wigs? I see real potential there.
Ana was also kind enough to give us the pre-show scoop on A Hair Affair. After reading this, how could you not go?
“I chose to showcase the three pre-revolutionary French classes: proletariat, bourgeouise, aristocrat. Why? Because they:
1) Were fun to create hair and makeup concepts for, and
2) Provided an exaggerated, eccentric example of the current imbalance in socio-economic conditions here in the US.
France went broke fighting other people’s wars. Its aristocracy got away with numerous tax exemptions, while its middle class was taxed heavily. The nation was near bankruptcy at the time of revolution.
On a purely stylistic note, hair styling saw its boom in this time period. Hair styling became a legitimate profession. Stylists were in high demand to create the most ornate wigs, often themed after whatever party one was attending that evening. Women in the pre-revolutionary French aristocracy would compete to see who could have the biggest hair … quite hilarious, but this part of the 18th century spawned the most ornate, largest hairstyles in Western history.
So while their hair was getting bigger and bigger, their lower classes were getting hungrier and poorer. Interesting contrast.”

I’ll say, Ana. I can’t wait to see how she translates all this history on the models’ heads tonight.
Also exciting?  In honor of Austin Fashion Week, News 8 Austin put together a little fashion street team for reporting.  I get to join these lovely ladies in helping out!  I’m so excited!  
So tonight, I’ll be interviewing Ana Castro, the hair stylist for A Hair Affair, as well as a couple of the models, for News 8. Fingers crossed that this opportunity somehow involves me wearing a ship wig.

Not Blanche!

Betty White may be the Golden Girls It Girl. But me? I’ve always been Team Blanche.

Dear, warm Rue McClanahan died today of a stroke she suffered on Monday. Her son, Mark, lives here in town, and I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing her for Austinist last Fall.

Rue was a champion for breast cancer victims and survivors, a frequent visitor to Austin, and a lover of fluffy cats. We enjoyed a laughing, leisurely conversation back in September, and she asked me if I was single – to date Mark!  I admitted that I wasn’t, but remember thinking: “dear God, the lady who gets HER as a mother-in-law is a lucky girl indeed.”

I completely loved Golden Girls, and Blanche’s saucy, racy character especially. She was Samantha Jones before Sex and the City. She was a star of the stage as well as television, and when we spoke, she was in the middle of expanding her book My First Five Husbands…And The Ones Who Got Away into a touring musical.

But the coolest thing about Rue, in my opinion, was that she did celebrity appearances and speaking engagements for breast cancer survivor groups even when they couldn’t really afford to pay her. She embraced the idea that having a “team” of support when you are sick is what truly nurses you back to health, and having been so thoroughly cared for herself during her own breast cancer ordeal, she wanted to be a part of that team for other women.

Also? Here’s something interesting that you may not know. When Rue auditioned for a part on Golden Girls, it was actually for the character of Rose! And Betty White was auditioning for Blanche. But at the audition, the directors said to both ladies, “would you mind switching scripts for a moment?”

And as we know, the rest is history.

Rue McClanahan, you were one of my favorite interviews, and even though we really only spoke once, I was so touched that you gave me an hour of your time. Talking to you wasn’t like talking to a celebrity; it was like giggling with a long-lost aunt, about men, cats, life goals, and Esther’s Follies. You told me to pass on good luck to my mother and her crazy Patsy Cline lip-syncing act (Mom, if you’re reading this, how cool is that?!), and you told me that Kate (your cat) would probably get along with my cat (Claudia).

I am so sad to see you go.

Thank you for being a friend!


"Stop having boring tuna, stop having a boring life."

Words to live by.

It’s too cold outside to do anything and as a result, R. and I are watching “Apocalypse Week” on the History Channel. Good morning!

Between Nostradamus predictions and Sir Issac Newton’s lost mystical texts, a commercial for the Slap Chop just came on. AND I LOVED IT.

I don’t know where to begin!

“You’re gonna love my nuts.”

(And I do, Vince.)

YouTube – the gift that keeps on giving (along with my dad) – generously provides a Slap Chop remix:

If you are hungry after watching Vince Offer slap your troubles away, would you care to come out to the chili cook-off at Jo’s? I’m a judge, y’all.