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I can’t stop listening to The Pass.

I thought I had gotten over synthesizers.  I thought I had fully crossed over to a warm, healthy embrace of real instruments and non-edited vocals.  I thought I was finished making multiple volumes of “Tolly’s Boner Jams” CD’s for the car, worthy of any gay dance club with shiny lasers and a disco ball.

And then … this band contacted me.

What can I say?  I’m in love.   I hardly ever post about dance parties anymore — RIP, 25-year-old Tolly — but by God, I’m posting about this one.

Here’s a picture of The Pass, responsible for the delightful music video (“Treatment of the Sun“) you see above.

Ooh they are so hipster! I want to squeeze them. I want to nuzzle their moustaches. I want to go to their show here in Austin on February 9, and you know what? I’m gonna.

Ghost Room
Wednesday, February 9
Openers: Gina Chavez and Aly Tadros
Cover: $5

I will surely post some MP3’s by these guys leading up to the show, so stay tuned.
Also — these guys are from Louisville, Kentucky.  What IS it about Louisville?  One of my favorite day job clients is from Louisville, and now, this band.  I’ve never even been to Kentucky!