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Are you listening to The Jungle Rockers?

Because if not, I think it’s time to change that.

My friend Katelynn turned me onto this local band, knowing that in between synthesizers and dance party bands, I have a special weakness for down-n-dirty, greasy rock n’ roll (hello, The Happen-Ins).

So, I drove around for a week or so listening to The Jungle Rockers’ new EP, Guns and Gold, and told Katelynn:

“They make me feel like I’m a kid in the ’50s, listening to naughty music in my bedroom, the kind my parents don’t allow.”

Do you see (er, hear) what I mean?

The Jungle Rockers formed in Cleveland, but they’re all ours in Austin now.  Their sound is like a rockabilly version of Talking Heads, mixed with a little Marty McFly-scooting-across-the-floor-in-the-Johnny-B.-Goode-scene of Back to the Future.

I’m particularly partial to the songs “Shake It” and “Jungle Man.”  Perhaps these songs sound a little bit similar to you. And in fact, that is the only criticism I have for The Jungle Rockers, and their EP Guns and Gold.

The production on this album is incredibly polished, and sounds just like a make-out session in a ’58 T-Bird.  It’s super consistent, and in fact, maybe a tad too consistent.

Going back to my favorite throwback band, The Happen-Ins – whose sound is at ’70s as The Jungle Rockers’ is ’50s – the songs are varied enough both in composition and production to render distinct “hit” singles. (Like “Do It,” which has gotten tons of play on KUT).

But Jungle Rockers’ album is a cohesive package, with a perfect Levi’s denim thread running through it. I love the fact that I can pop it in during a party (even if it’s a party of one, in my car), and play it through with no hiccups.  I know what I’m getting here: Retro, garage-y goodness, with the occasional lead singer screech and abundant electric guitar solos.

I do crave a few surprises, though.

Going back to the naughty kid in the bedroom thing, let’s end with my favorite song from the entire album: “Lies.” This song does sound different than the rest, gesturing toward the Beach Boys, with a gorgeous, sexy drum beat that reminds me of old Yo La Tengo.

Now that you’ve given it a listen: I think this one mixes up The Jungle Rockers’ repertoire the best, non? 

The Jungle Rockers have four shows coming up this month, and some during Fun Fun Fun Fest. I definitely plan on catching one, and seeing what these guys can do it person.

11/05/2010 Stubb’s Bar-B-Q
11/06/2010 Emo’s
11/07/2010 Jovita’s
11/20/2010 Hot Rod Revolution, at Seaholm Power Plant

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