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Band Interview: The Bright Light Social Hour.

So last week at a CD release party for Austin Music Volume 10, I had the wonderful fortune of hanging out with the local band du jour, The Bright Light Social Hour.  

I posted briefly about them on Friday, then we met up this week for a sit-down interview at Rio Rita.
Now every so often, I meet a band that charms me to pieces, and I can’t help but write about them several times.  This happened last year during SXSW with Los Angeles band Casxio, and I can feel it with Bright Light Social Hour, too. 

Besides their music — funk-inflected rock n’ roll — what I really loved about these guys is how funny and nice they were.  I wish every band knew how important this is!  I’ve interviewed plenty of too-cool-for-school bands, the kind where it’s like pulling teeth to get them to answer questions, and let me tell you — it is complete drudgery to write about them.  Whereas, if you make jokes and smile at me like Casxio and Bright Light Social Hour, chances are high that I will write nice things about you.  Again and again.

This week, Bright Light told me about their many shows during SXSW (full list below).  Named “Best Indie Band” at the 2010 Austin Music Awards, they’re sure to blow the pants off our visiting non-locals.  And coming March 8, they’ve got a four-track EP out on iTunes, “New Year’s Live,” featuring two music videos.  Here’s one of them: The live performance of Mose Allison/The Who cover, “Young Man Blues.”

Do you love it?  I know you do!

Let’s get to the interview.  One thing to know about Bright Light Social Hour and I: Two of the members, Jack and Curt, and I all went to the same college.  There’s a portion of our chat where we discuss a phenomenon on our campus’ history, where any student — any student — could send out campus-wide emails to the whole school.  Like … you break up with someone, you can turn around and tell the whole school exactly what they look like naked.  Can you believe that was allowed?  
Anyway, just didn’t want you to be confused when you get to moment 1:15 or so.  Enjoy!

Below, the full list of Bright Light Social Hour’s SXSW appearances.  Half of these are free and open to non-badge or wristband holders, so go check these guys out!  You won’t be sorry.