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Cowboy saga

Any Texan who has ever traveled abroad can relate to this.

“Texas? You live in Texas?? Like show DALLAS? J.R.???”

When a foreigner knows you have traveled from Texas, maybe they’ll ask you if you know George Bush. If you live in “Wild West.” If you work a farm. If you ride a horse to work.

Or maybe, they’ll ask you if you’re a cowboy.

Below, is a series of emails that took place last year between our roomate Caleb’s mom’s friend’s son, Stuart, and another individual – the President of the Hong Kong Cowboy Association. (Yes, you read that right. Hong Kong. Cowboy. Association).

What’s the president’s name, you ask? John Wayne…….Chang. John Wayne Chang!

I have read these emails so many times in the past 24 hours, laughing and crying all at once. I want to meet John Wayne Chang soooo badly.

Here’s the first one:

Ok, just wait. That was the first email. Then Stuart very politely responds:

Apparently, Stuart had included a picture in his last email.

So after that last email, Stuart did not respond.

But after a few days, here is what John Wayne Chang wrote…..regarding the lack of response.


Don’t you just want to hug John Wayne Chang and never let go?? “There will be girls at meeting!!!” I want that on a t-shirt.

I love how the whole exchange takes you through all the emotions, as my friend Megan pointed out last night. Amusement….tenderness….disappointment….bottom sex.

To John Wayne Chang and the Hong Kong Cowboy Association (C.H.A.P.S!),

HATS OFF to you!


A Texan