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Texas Social Media Awards and Austin Eavesdropper!

So, I am majorly late out of the gate on this one, but here I go anyway.
A few weeks ago, I learned that I was nominated for a Texas Social Media Award! Rock on.
First, I just want to say how cool it is that our city HAS an awards thing like this. Secondly, even though this is a statewide event (and also, I know at least a few of you far-flung readers are not in Texas at all), bear with me for a moment because I want to talk about a handful of fellow Austin nominees who I think are pretty rad. Each name below links you to their nominee page where you can leave a comment about them, as the judges are taking our comments into consideration!
Amber Deitrich. Being a “cocktail enthusiast” myself, I keep Amber’s blog cued up regularly to find out where Austinites are drinking. If you are already familar with her blog Amber Demure, which lists weekly alcohol and food tasting activities, you know it is a valuable public service. This expertise deserves an award.
Ashley Cass. Is Birds Barbershop‘s social media guru. Exactly. Chances are you’ve heard of Birds if you live in Austin, and you’ve largely got this girl to thank for that. The whole Birds marketing crew is pretty damn impressive in my eyes – viking party, anyone? – but Ashley is very much a public face for the company.  As one commenter put it, “Ashley Cass brings people to Bird’s that don’t even need a haircut. Now that’s talent.” Agreed!
Chris Apollo Lynn. Before we met in real life, we read each others’ blogs. He created SocialTNT, which I geeked out over, and then he created Republic of Austin. He’s got a writing staff and everything for that blog!  It’s sort of a mini-community calendar, food trailer review database, and internet show rolled into one. Excellent work, sir.
David Neff. Uses his social media prowess (see: Lights, Camera Help and Video Camp Austin) to help NON-PROFITS. I KNOW. This is a good man and you should comment for him. ‘Neff said. (Har, sorry – couldn’t resist).
GARY! Gaston. Is the handsome Austin Eavesdropper co-blogger. Y’all, can I tell you something? When GARY! and I are at any social media anything here in town, people expressly introduce themselves to me so that I can introduce them to GARY!. And can you blame them? His Tweets are hilarious, he’s like Batphone for Austin music, and to get a little personal here, he is the Number One cheerleader for so many of us little DIY blogger/event-planner type people, Knuckle Rumbler, Big Green House Presents and so forth. Plus, he brought me two stuffed pinatas last year for my birthday – RED-HEADED GIRL PINATAS – and friends, that is a gesture not soon forgotten.
Greg Ackerman. Just the friendliest kid in class, you know what I’m saying? In addition to being a passionate Austin music blogger, Greg is always talking up his fellow bloggers and Twitterers, and kind of personifies Austin’s whole non-competitive, mutually supportive social media scene. When he mentions GARY! or I in a post or Tweet, we pee in our pants a little. (Or maybe GARY! keeps it in check; I do not).
Indiana Adams. I have been impressed with this girl’s blog since Day 1. Just super well-designed, incredibly interactive with her readers, and an excellent video blogger.  She runs fashion/style blog Adored Austin, and like me, is a fellow thrift store lover.  As a blogger myself, I am totally wowed by anyone who operates more than one blog, since I know how much commitment a single site is. She runs, like, several! And helped her husband start one! (It’s totally cute, too: Year of the Man Makeover).
Jennie Chen. Is a magical alcohol-and-cupcake chef / dog trainer / grad student / restaurant critic. One of my favorite faces at any social media event, and if you’re a blogger here in town, she’s probably one of yours, too.  Also, two words: Cupcake Smackdown. HER brainchild.
Lani and Ben Rosales.  This is like the social media power couple of Austin. The Brangelina of Twitter. Whenever there is a Tweetup here in Austin, chances are Lani and Ben are runnin’ thangs. Plus, Lani performs these engrossing social media analysis charts and studies from time to time, and my dorkfest SEO-occupied heart flutters a little whenever she posts a new one. 
Lyssa Myska Allen. Ok, confession. This is Life in Austin was the first blog I started reading when I moved back to Austin, and if there is such a thing as blog crushes, this was mine! (That, and the late Famousish). Lyssa and I have since become buds since reading each other’s blogs, and I can 100% vouch for the fact that she is as cool, down-to-earth, and nice as she seems on the blog. Gold star, check plus, scratch-n-sniff sticker for Lyssa.
Stephen Tatton. Is one of the faces behind Launch787. Stephen was so encouraging about my first little Bleet-Up, even before we met each other, and along with the other Launch crew members helps put on these ridiculously creative events (such as Austin Fashion Week). These arms have always got a hug for Stephen when I see him, and I recommend your fingers give him some comment love, too.
I know I am leaving people out. But it’s a good starting point, at least. These folks are – in my eyes – some of the social media creme de la creme of Austin.

Also, thank you person who nominated me for an award, whoever you are! And finally…

THANK YOU Austin Eavesdropper readers. Doing this blog makes me happier than a puppy in a rollerskate, and it has given me so many opportunities that I never could have anticipated. I squeal a little bit when I meet someone in real life who reads Austin Eavesdropper. It’s true. Meeting you all gave me the confidence to plan things like Bleet-Ups, and interacting with you online keeps me, by turns, laughing, thinking, and thanking God that I live here. I am thrilled you find this site appealing…even when I’m talking about mooning my dog.

My Texas Social Media Award page is here! If you enjoy Austin Eavesdropper and/or me, Tolly, will you leave a comment on it?  If so, I will do this.