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Tattoo lust + one more red hair moment.

At Propaganda on Tuesday, I couldn’t help but notice Lindsay’s amazing tattoos.  Lindsay works the front desk there, and if you ever go, you must check them out.  Aren’t they glorious? 
Also … Reader.  Because I’m very sentimental, I was paging through old photos of me with red hair last night, and I found this hilarious one taken a few years ago.  Can we please laugh at this together?  It was taken for Vain’s website to show off Buffy’s color work, and while Buffy is a genius (as is the photographer), I really do appear to have just stumbled out of a psychiatric ward:   

Like … what is going on here??  Would you not be terrified if this person walked into your house?  Somebody call the Betty Ford!
The photographer at the time told us to imagine we were getting arrested for something, and while the other hair models imagined something … sexy?  Like, indecent exposure?  I imagined that I had just been involved in a hit-and-run accident.  Um, what?  Who thinks like that?  I may even have started crying during this shoot, because I felt so guilty about running over a (fictional) person.  I’m pretty sure Tyra would NOT approve.
(At least the hair is poppin.’)