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Music Monday: Bootleg Casxio.

As you may or may not know, I tend to be less of an equal-opportunity music appreciator, and more of a band favoritist. A one (or two, or three) band kind of girl. A “band-aid,” as Penny Lane called it in Almost Famous.

A “creepy stalker” if you will.

This is the reason I straight-up texted Casxio a few weeks ago after SXSW, and asked if they had any bootleg tracks they could send my way. And lo, they responded!

“Anticipation” is one of two they sent, and it is my favorite. It is on Casxio’s soon-to-be-released EP, and I think it’s a good song for a Saturday night. Or any night that needs a quick injection of sass.



One long, last farewell to SXSW 2010: Hole, WhoMadeWho, and Dominique Young Unique.

Reader, we are FINALLY FINISHED with our SXSW 2010 recap series!  Are you sad?  You’re sad.  Stop crying.  Cowboy up.

Since assuming the role of in-house Austin Eavesdropper videographer, GARY! has dived* into his new duties with stunning aplomb. Here are the last four videos he shot during SXSW, of three very different acts.  First, the girl with the most cake.

Below is Courtney Love at the Perez Hilton party. I’m going to start with “Violet,” because I love her commentary at the beginning. Girl’s all class!

Also, “Celebrity Skin.” God, doesn’t this song take you back? In 7th grade I had this song on a mix(tape) right before “Seether” by Veruca Salt. Good times.

Moving on then, to WhoMadeWho.  Of the three bands included in this post, they are probably my favorite. GARY! describes them thusly:

“Really fun Danish band. They had an excellent sense of humor, and even did a weird impromptu song when one of their amps broke. Instead of just sit there waiting for it to be fixed (like most bands would), they continued to play while singing about their current equipment woes, ‘My amp is broken….’ on repeat. ‘Can someone fix my javascript:void(0)amp? My amp is broken…’ Everyone around us couldn’t decide if it was really one of their songs. Turns out they made it up on the spot. It was probably one of the cooler things I saw at SXSW this year.”

Finally, 17-year-old Dominique Young Unique, who played at the Knuckle Rumbler Lounge (where we watched dreamy Casxio too). GARY! places her somewhere between the likes of Rye Rye and Lil’ Mama, and said: “once her voice finishes maturing I think she’s really gonna take off.”

This is off-topic, but girl’s got legs for days, non?

Anyway, that is it for our SXSW 2010 recap! We hope you enjoyed, and now, we’re going to get back to our regular blogging schedule. Totes McGotes!

*This word is always extremely confusing, grammar-wise. Dived/doven/diven? Something is amiss.


SXSW 2010 recap: Mayer Hawthorne.

Doesn’t South By seem like a million years ago? 

Now that I’m all caught up on sleep, and have established normal lifestyle patterns again – eating breakfast, for example – I’ve come to regard SXSW as an alternate universe.  Isn’t that exactly how it feels?  If you immerse yourself in it? 

I want to thank regular readers of this blog for allowing Austin Eavesdropper to temporarily become a SXSW blog. GARY! and I are finishing our recaps today and tomorrow, and then will return to our regular programming of…well we’re not sure really, but we’ll think of something! (Outfits / Austin fun / psycho cats).

This year,  my personal SXSW experience was enhanced by select doses of funk and soul.  Casxio is one, Mayer Hawthorne is another, and interestingly enough, both acts are from Los Angeles.  Somethin’ funky in the water, Angelinos?  

Below, GARY!‘s video of Mayer Hawthorn at the Fader Fort party, leading off with a song cover that EVERY child of the ’80s will remember.


SXSW 2010 recap: Hexadecagon and Octopus Project.

Some of you may have heard about “Hexadecagon,” the multi-media show local faves Octopus Project put on at Whole Foods during SXSW.

I’ve seen lots of bands utilize projected visuals in their shows lately – Broken Bells, Ratatat. But Octopus Project took this idea to a new level, as GARY!‘s videos attest.  For one, the projections were a 360 degree affair, literally surrounding you with surreal images both playful and haunting.  And secondly, this show happened off the beaten path of South By, in a tent erected inside the parking lot of Whole Foods. I like that, because while many bands are content to play in such nonconventional venues as unused portions of crosswalk during SXSW, it typically happens within a 20 block radius, stretching from 4th to 12th Streets, contained by Red River to roughly Colorado. Or so. Hexadecagon was a three months-in-the-making project, with a deliberately different setting, for a crowd who had planned well in advance to get there and get there early.

In other words: Away from the riff-raff.

GARY! shot six videos of the party, which is a lot, but TOTALLY WORTH IT to watch all of them. (Fun fact: the projected videos used at Hexadecagon were shot and edited by Austin’s own Wiley Wiggins, whom you may know as Mitch Kramer from Dazed and Confused.)

In the video below (says GARY!), Yvonne Lambert proves she’s a master of the Theremin, in a performance being hailed as one of the top 5 performances of SXSW 2010 by USA Today.

Finally, here are some of my favorite Hexadecagon images, shot by Happy Mercado.

(AMAZING outfit.)


SXSW 2010 recap: She & Him.

I caught She & Him at Lustre Pearl last Friday night, at the Filter/Dickies party. My darling Kerissa, who works for Filter, was by my side.

She & Him’s music, as no doubt a lot of you know, is kind of Loretta Lynn-meets-60s California. I have always been intrigued by Zooey Deschanel’s vintage sensibilities in general – style, music, etc. – so it was a treat to see her and M. Ward for the first time.  I was surprised by how shy she is on stage! But I guess when you are movie star famous, and people are freaking out right there in front of you, it might be a little weird.

Even though Kerissa and I were able to get close to the stage, my photos from the night are que horrible! So, here are some good ones from Rolling Blackouts.

Photos courtesy Rolling Blackouts

This video is pretty cute, too. I like it when she asks, “are we in a house?”

Video courtesy Pet Marmoset.