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Let’s make pasty hot.

Fact: Whenever I see my pale, oh-so-pale legs in pictures, I recoil a little bit.

“Yikes,” I think.  “This pallor, it is frightening—!  Sickly!  WHY AM I WEARING SHORTS!”

Fact: I also think this is bullshit.

Because see, here’s the thing kittens.  Being pale is awesome. Three of my best friends happen to be Phillipine, Phillipine, and Italian, so I am frequently surrounded by naturally golden-hued ladies. Which is awesome, too.

But if there’s anything that pop culture vampires have taught us, it’s that a ghostly pale complexion is nothing to fear.  Unless you fear being seduced by raw, concentrated sexiness!

Growing up in suburban San Antonio, Texas, I was taught that pale-ness was to be avoided at all costs, as if it were actually a real illness. Now I know better. Now I am embracing pale.

This is me on Monday in a fancy work outfit.

That was, um, the next shot.

I asked other pale cuties to send me some pics.

Leslie Torbett of Dalena Vintage.

Writer, potter, and foodie, April Stockwell. 

Michelle Nickolaisen of Wicked Whimsy.
Merritt Martin of Heartless Doll.

Lauren Modery of Hipstercrite.

Pale never looked so sexy, non?

Welcome back to my legs, sunscreen.

UPDATED: While playing on Leslie’s lovely blog, I also spied this exceedingly well-done stop motion animation movie. Starring a porcelain beauty.


The Runaways. And, major girl crush on Kristen Stewart. UPDATED.

You guys, I am SO excited. Tomorrow, I’m going to an early screening for The Runaways – that Joan Jett movie with Kristen Stewart. AND Dakota Fanning.

Dear God I love you, Kristen Stewart. I like how whenever she gets photographed, she looks vaguely uncomfortable and not all hard-core pose-y. You know what I mean? Like, she’s showing up because it’s her job, and that’s that.

Anyway, I’m going with my buddy Emily from Girls Rock Camp, and I am wondering if Emily would be freaked out if I dressed to theme.  Ideas:

The screening is at 11….am.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

A good start, but unfortunately I lack pants. Am trying to think of what Joan Jett would do in such a situation.  Am thinking she’d probably just skip them?

So, lacking both appropriate pantwear and the moxie to simply go without at tomorrow (morning)’s screening, I am learning toward either tights with shorts, a trend I am currently wearing to death, or, a ridiculous black leather skirt I scored at Buffalo Exchange about a year ago for $7 and have never, ever worn. It was one of those days where I was like, “you know what every self-respecting woman needs? A SKIN-TIGHT BLACK LEATHER SKIRT. WITH A BROKEN ZIPPER.”

I know. I’ve never heard of that fashion rule for women, either. I’m just as confused as you are.

UPDATE: Here’s what I went with!

I know I know. Shorts with tights. I can’t stop!  Also, this picture is hard to make out. Which is why I made a special effort to get close-up shots of the metal-y, Joan Jett-like wristwear, with increasing degrees of toughness.




I’m not sure what that face is saying, but I believe it’s something along the lines of: “DON’T F-K WITH THE BABYSITTER.” Either that or “I’m really really constipated!”