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Siren Song.

I have to tell you guys, I’m having a blast already with Austin Fashion Week. I’m way more into it this year than I was last year, and yesterday evening I went to my first little party, this one at Sirens Salon.

Kay Marley-Dilworth (to my left in blue, above) – whom some of you may know as @atxfoodnews on Twitter – organized this shebang. Turns out girlfriend is a secret ninja party planner, which I am just now being made aware of.

I was pretty tickled to try the Delysia Chocolate samples of course, and hug my buddies from Kohana Coffee. Could you ask for more adorable coffee samplers? The answer is no.

Also, you know that little angel-on-a-chain you see above? It is made out of COYOTE VERTEBRAE. The designer is Utzi Collection, and I learned all kinds of other, interesting facts about their company yesterday. Like the fact that they make their wallets using lasers. I am not even joking.