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SXSW 2010 recap: She & Him.

I caught She & Him at Lustre Pearl last Friday night, at the Filter/Dickies party. My darling Kerissa, who works for Filter, was by my side.

She & Him’s music, as no doubt a lot of you know, is kind of Loretta Lynn-meets-60s California. I have always been intrigued by Zooey Deschanel’s vintage sensibilities in general – style, music, etc. – so it was a treat to see her and M. Ward for the first time.  I was surprised by how shy she is on stage! But I guess when you are movie star famous, and people are freaking out right there in front of you, it might be a little weird.

Even though Kerissa and I were able to get close to the stage, my photos from the night are que horrible! So, here are some good ones from Rolling Blackouts.

Photos courtesy Rolling Blackouts

This video is pretty cute, too. I like it when she asks, “are we in a house?”

Video courtesy Pet Marmoset.