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Last week, I was at Megan‘s house with with a gaggle of friends watching the election. Everyone was passing around beer, applauding and shouting at the TV by turns, and making what is generally called “a ruckus.” It happens when you’re with birds of your flock.

At some point, I got up to hug my friend Jason, red wine in hand — and this was a fatal mistake.

We hugged too hard, our hands crossed pathways, and suddenly my red wine was knocked. Not completely out of my grasp, but just enough to form a fine spray over two of Megan’s couches, one being pure white. I could just see Megan in the morning, stretching, waking up to a beautiful day, padding into her living room, and being met with the horror: “TOLLY!” she would cry, but in a “NEWMAN!”-like manner. She would have to somehow lug her heavy furniture to the dry cleaners, and they would only partially get the spots out, and when she paid the bill she would shake her head at those damned red spots and curse my name: “Why, Tolly?” she would shout, raising her fist to the sky!

So I sympathized with our latest Ask Austin Eavesdropper question, because it addresses stains, as well as a red staining agent. AE’s style writer Jennifer King took a stab at the answer.

(And in case you’re wondering, Megan’s couches had a happy ending: with a lot of club soda, wet rags and helpful friends, Jason and I were able to get those stains out. But we’re still working on not hugging so erratically.)

Hello Tolly and Team,

I saw your tweet promoting the “ask” feature on the site at just the right moment. Do you know of a place in central Austin where I can get a red leather purse cleaned? It took its last hit last night after being the victim of some ketchup splatter from a nearby table at the Evangeline Cafe. Eeep!

Huge fan of the blog! Been a follower for the past 4 years.


Great question! And I have an answer for you, Yola: Austin Shoe Hospital. These guys work with leather shoes AND luggage. I just called my favorite ASH location, the one on Balcones and 183, just to confirm that they clean leather and he said they can definitely do something. He suggested she just bring it in and they will see what they need to do.

It may be pricey if they have to recondition the leather, but it might not be too bad if it’s a small clutch.

There are plenty of ASH locations, and hopefully one close to you: You can find one here.

Hope this helps!



Good luck, Yola! And if this post was helpful to you, readers, we’d love it if you gave it a shout-out on Twitter (@TollyM)!

Next week, we take on this question: Where in Austin should I propose? (Whoa.) Check back next Tuesday to read our answer!

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