Yow! That’s a big ol’ image, isn’t it?

Anyway, my latest story for Citygram was a really interesting one to write. Beginning this fall, there will be construction coming to Barton Springs Pool – construction that’s been in talks for a while.

I’d heard little rumors here and there about a Barton Springs Pool renovation, but after hearing mentions about it on my friend Lauren’s blog, Hipstercrite, I did a little Google digging to see who had written about it already. This March story from the Statesman generated a whole slew of nervous/anxious/angry comments, and one in particular – a speculative comment about a future hotel at Barton Springs Pool – inspired my whole story.

During my reporting process, I spoke with one individual who lived across the street from Barton Springs Pool’s south entrance for eight years, but was never able to visit. You’ll find out why in the article, who’s behind the renovation, and the environmental efforts – as well as the emotions – that underpin the project.

Click on the image above to read. Or download it on your iPad, like the cool kids do.

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