For the longest time, I’ve felt too nervous to post any pictures here from my aerial performances. Because in truth? I’ve only been performing silks – actually performing – for about a year. And, every time I open up a batch of photos from a show, I get heart palpitations worrying that my feet (my feet!) are going to ruin the pictures. We’ve been down a long road, my feet and and I, of training ourselves not to sickle, not to club foot, and not to perform any other manner of positional weirdness. Yes, positional is a word that I just made up.

But! My feet are slowly learning to behave, and I am slowly getting up the guts to share pictures on my blog, with the Internet. So here we go.

My partner Susan and I have a duo called Vayu Aerials, and we were asked to perform a little number at a launch party for Velvet Dust Magazine, at The Parish. The party was circus/carnival-themed, so we had this loose concept of being mimes…which turned into tribal, dead, angry mimes. No smiling. I mean, NO SMILING. There’s no crying in baseball, and there’s no smiling in angry mime land.

We danced to Ellie Goulding’s version of “Tesselate,” an Alt-J song, and it may be my favorite thing we’ve choreographed yet.

(These photos were taken by my dear friend and an incredible talent, Daniel Cavazos.)

Here we are, warming up…

Parish_June2013_1 Parish_June2013_2 Parish_June2013_3 Parish_June2013_4

The SHOW begins…

Parish_June2013_5 Parish_June2013_6 Parish_June2013_9

Take a bow!

Parish_June2013_7 Parish_June2013_10 Parish_June2013_11


Thanks so much Daniel for taking these wonderful photos, and thank you Susan for always being a magical aerial partner. Who’s got two thumbs and is very lucky? This girl.