Rod Stewart: the stuff dreams are made of. Image courtesy Suffragette City; inspiration courtesy Megan Renart.

What do you dream about?

Not, “what are your hopes and dreams.” I mean, when you sleep, what are the bizarre motion pictures that play out in your mind?

Recently, a couple of friends have been texting me their dreams, and it delights me to no end.

Our buddy Virginia recently had a dream that Ross and I lived in a treehouse, and invited Virginia and her husband Zach over to hang out. Ross and I had only one house rule for visitors, and it was this: everyone was required to wear fuzzy, pink pajamas during their stay. (Not a bad rule to instate at our current residence.)

This information made me grin for about a week. And then, this morning, Megan wrote me an email about her dream (posted here with her permission):

I had this dream last night that you and I found out that Rod Stewart was performing in the very building we were walking through. It was a cross between Barton Springs Mall and the Blanton.

We were descending the staircase (that looked like the Blanton staircase but was open on both sides) when we realized that there was an open spot and we could see Rod Stewart performing just a few feet from us. We went nuts. He was about 3 feet tall and wearing clothes that I imagine a pirate would wear to bed on his off nights. You were so overcome that you ran up to the group until security grabbed you by the hair and dragged you away. You were completely unaffected by this, only saying when you returned to my side, “I had to give the keyboardist a hug!”

-And now, I will grin about THAT for a week.

I’ve long wanted to keep a dream journal, but suspect that my dreams – while fascinating to me – are too self-referential and boring for everyone else. That’s because inside my cluttered attic of a mind, interesting narratives sometimes play out, but I only remember them in snatches when I wake up. I’ll seize Ross and cry, “you had…wings! Wings, Ross! And I was cooking…salmon! With blue marbles on top!¬†Don’t you get it?

Not surprisingly, he has nothing to say about this.

But I can remember some of his dreams from years ago, and they still make me laugh.

One time, Ross had a dream that he had a special relationship with a group of ants (?), and that they all lived together on what I believe were camping grounds. Maybe a park. Anyway. Some people wanted to come and set up shop on top of the ants’ home, and they were getting all pissed off about it. So Ross found the ants another home next to a tree, somehow led them there in their secret Ross/ants language, and everyone was happy! The people got their space, and the ants got a new house.

How can that not make you giggle?

(It’s even funnier when you know Ross, and how diplomatic he is. He is always very pro-communication and solution-oriented, even when his conversation partner is an insect.)

Do you have any funny/strange dreams stashed away in your memory? I really would love to hear about them.