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Do you ever have the kind of week that kicks your ass?

Not, “kicks ass.” Kicks your ass, specifically.

Last week was that way for me. It was shocking and happy for a little bit, then sad, then scary, then just settled down into this stagnant, uncomfortable muck.

I know. I sound very victim-y right now. But I felt like a victim, because stuff kept coming in succession, and after a little while I just didn’t have the emotional resources to deal with it. Or the eloquence to blog about it.

But…today is a new day. Keep calm, and eat a breakfast taco.

I actually wrote a story about the events of last week, and if I publish it anywhere, I’ll point you all to it. It involves the doctor, and a computer doctor, if you will. As well as a few laughs along the way. And if it doesn’t get published, I’ll just post it right here.


You know what? Some genuinely good things came out of last week, too. The yoga studio at our house is almost done! Our hardwood floors came in, the ceiling is vaulted and beautiful, and we ordered a projector screen for when we just wanna watch movies in it. Ross’s parents came to visit, as well as my mom, and that filled me back up tremendously. My friends, too. God, my friends! You know who you are. You took care of me when I was a bitter mess of tears. I love you so much.

(Speaking of all this. My dad, who spent all day on the phone yesterday with Apple Support regarding his iPod, invented a new adjective to describe how he feels about bad days: “Fuckterful!” It’s a contraction of the f-word and “wonderful.” I hope it catches on.)

Pictures from last week: Mi casa, Mt. Bonnell, Qui.