Guess what you guys! I’ve got three aerial shows lined up this summer. If you have ever wanted to witness this crazy art form, now is your chance.

I’ll give you the dates first, then share some thoughts after. Deep thoughts.

Sunday, June 9
Dance to Breathe, the Austin Choreographer’s Ball
Emo’s East: Tickets 

AE1I went to this show last year and loved it: Think beautiful stage dance, but in a gritty rock n’ roll atmosphere. It’s a round-up of various groups in Austin, from modern to hip-hop to silks, and my friends and I submitted a piece we choreographed last fall. Those two friends, Susan Harkey and Kari Lehman, both danced in Blue Lapis Light’s most recent production of Heaven~Earth~One, so I’m incredibly honored to be working with them! This is a more pop-oriented, athletic routine, so if you saw Heaven~Earth~One, this will involve some of the movement you saw but in a more kinetic way. We are wearing tons of neon.

Wednesday, June 26
Velvet Dust Magazine Issue Release Party
The Parish

An edgy, very rad fashion magazine based in Austin, Velvet Dust, invited my duo Vayu Aerials to do a piece for their issue release party! The party itself will be creepy carnivalesque, so expect something in that vein. Right now, we’re thinking slinky mimes. (As opposed, of course, to miming slinkies.)

Details to come.

Friday, July 12
Brass Ovaries E-LOVE-Vation Show
The ND 

Lydia Michelson-Maverick, my aerial friend/employer at Four Elements Yoga + Fitness, and I submitted an audition video for this show – and we got it! We’re choreographing a piece to “Stay” by Rihanna, which I had never heard until it was assigned to us for the show, but is a pretty gorgeous piano ballad. I’m looking forward to this piece because it’s a lot slower than the stuff I’ve been working on lately. I tend to gravitate toward smiley/happy/JAZZ HANDS! routines, but this song is, well, heavy. Longing. A side of myself I don’t typically tap, at least not publicly, anyway. This show will mostly feature pole dancers from the Brass Ovaries community, but we’ll be on cloth. Details to come.

So!  That’s it for now, on shows.


It’s so funny, you guys. How your creative dreams change and evolve. For most of my life, I’ve wanted to write a book. And you know what? I still do.

But these days, I feel so…bodily.

Like my brain melted out of my head and slid down into my arms and legs, and that’s where I think now.

I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t a natural with the silks. It took me forever to build up the strength to climb up and down the silk, and the first time I successfully did, I nearly collapsed on the floor from exhaustion. “HOLY SHIT,” I remarked to my friend Kim, who was in my class at the time. “Are you kidding me? That was so hard.”

So strength was one thing; learning moves was another. Guys, it still takes me ages to learn a single trick. I have to watch it over and over again, then try and fail and try and fail and try and kind of get one part of it right then get stuck then start over then try and FINALLY get it, albeit unattractively. I have friends who can watch a trick once, then hop up on the silk and bust it out immediately! Don’t know how they do it.

However, despite not being a natural, and despite the fact that I always assumed writing would be my lifelong, #1 creative jam, I have this weirdly pleasurable relationship with silks now where it’s like I just can’t stop, and I don’t know where the end point is.

One of my editors was on the phone the other day, while I was wringing my hands over what to do if I got pregnant all of a sudden and had silks shows lined up. He asked a very reasonable question: “Well, like, what’s your goal with this whole thing Tolly? Do you want to be a professional silks dancer or something?”

It sounded so funny coming out of his mouth. Is that my goal?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I have a goal.

All I know is that silks fills me up with this wild joy. In my world, of blogging/self-employment/entrepreneurialism/yada yada, it’s common to have a business plan, or at least a freakin’ Pinterest inspiration board, that says to the world: “this is my official dream! Here is how I am going to accomplish it!”

And yes, I’ve had several dreams before.

But silks is something different. The problem with dreams is that once I accomplish them, I tend to check them off the list and never look back. Little ego boxes that seemed so enveloping at the time, so quaint once I’m on the other side.

I think silks may have started out that way: a cool little hobby that I could say I tried. A collector of beginner ability, I tend to amass just enough shallow knowledge to hold my own in small talk.

Then something unanticipated happened, and here I am with silks.

I am in unexpectedly deep. And I truly have no idea where things are headed.

But I’m enjoying the submersion.