So, guess what? I’m writing for a new magazine! It is called Citygram, and was started by my dear friend, Chris Perez of Apartment Therapy.

I remember having a conversation about three years ago with another friend of mine, Andy Langer, about how tablets were going to save the magazine industry. Here’s how that conversation went:

ANDY: I think tablets are going to save the magazine industry.

ME: What’s a “tablet?”

ANDY: You know, it’s like an iPhone, but magazine-sized.

ME: Psshhh. Get out!

ANDY: No, really, Apple is about to release them.

ME: Haha…uh, ok Andy! Whatever you say! “Tablet.” HA.

This pretty much sums up why I am not a tech writer.

Anyway, turns out Andy was right, and tablets are saving the magazine industry. Citygram is one such tablet-based rag and has really neato features, like fashion editorials that move and restaurant recommendations with instant-reservations buttons, as well as good old-fashioned glossy photos and storytelling. You will recognize lots of contributors on its digital pages, such as Lauren Modery from Hipstercrite, Joanna Wilkinson from Keep Austin Stylish, Jess Simpson from Forgiving Martha, Amy Lynch from OneSmartPopTart, interior designer Sarah Stacey, artist Callen Thompson, Dr. Alex Carrasco, and designer Chris McCray, who designed the inside of beautiful Lenoir.

Our first issue features a cover story with hotelier/goddess Liz Lambert, as well as a story from Joy the Baker!

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the first issue (see the video above), and if you are an arts and culture geek like me, your contribution will be very well spent. Mostly because it comes with a make out session with the contributors. Kidding! That would be…a lot of making out.

Here is where to follow Citygram online:


And, I’ll keep you posted on developments!