Pictures of our sweet baby Claudia, whom we non-ironically refer to as “our child.” 

Anyone who is a cat person knows what it’s like to be completely obsessed with your pet.

Also, anyone who is a cat person knows what it’s like to be utterly mystified by non-cat people.

“What’s not to love?” we say. Such beautiful creatures, gliding around the house less like animals, more like miniature demi-gods. They clean themselves. They make funny Internet memes. And they purr! Come on.

“Well for one,” non-cat people love to say, “you have to work for their affection.”

“A-ha!” we counter. “Precisely. Once a cat bestows his or her attentions on you, that’s because you have earned it. Not like slutty dogs.” Maybe we don’t say that last part aloud, but we’re thinking it.

“Ok,” they’ll concede. “But they sleep. All day. Cats sleep all day.”

Well, for that we don’t have an argument.

Cats are nocturnal, after all. And yes, I’ll admit: Sometimes, I fantasize about taking Claudia on a perky little walk. Around the block. During daytime hours! An activity she would positively loathe.

“Seriously?” Claudia would say, if she could talk. “Just — no. NO. Get this leash off me. Oh my God. THERE’S ANOTHER CAT. I am filled with seething rage.” These last words would be accompanied by a low, menacing growl.

But now that I work from home, I have to tell you, I love having a lazy, sleeping cat around. She’s (usually) this tiny ball of fur and peace. She doesn’t do…anything.

And she’s the kind of being I would like to be.


Last week, I had an aerial silks performance at ACL Live, I taught my first yoga class in a decade, I took my final exam for yoga certification, and I graduated from yoga certification. It was a big week! And I’ll admit it — I get a total rush from weeks like these.

It’s a mixture of anxiety and pride, you see. I am that obnoxious American who complains about being busy, when what I’m really doing is bragging. And while I think I’m learning to let go of that compulsion, to always be DOING something, I also know that my ancestors literally came over on the Mayflower. So productivity is in my blood. If we’re not founding a township or throwing off the yoke of a repressive monarch or at the very least, tilling a damn field, then we’re just not very worthy, are we?

Now that two of my huge activities are done – yoga certification, and a big ol’ silks show – I’m antsy. It’s almost an automatic, knee-jerk response to leisure time that I have, to treat it as naughty. Very naughty. (See? That’s my inner Puritan talking.)

But this time will be different! Why? Three reasons:

A) Ross and I are actively researching a real-life, honest-to-God, vacation. Like, maybe out of the U.S!  The last time we did that together was in 2005. If you have any ideas for cheap, cool travel, we’d love to hear ’em. Right now our ideas include Istanbul, Cuba, Honduras, Brazil, or, if none of those work out, asking my friend Fannie if we can drive to her really pretty house.

B) Ross made me promise I wouldn’t run off and get a new hobby, internship, training or what have you for at least one year.

C) For the first time in a seriously long while, I don’t feel the need to run off and get a new hobby/internship/training! I finally, finally feel like I’ve found “my things.” I’m not sure how long this will last. Even if it’s only temporary, I’m grateful, just to know that this feeling is possible, and that I can get back here again.

And with that, I’m going to curl up next to Claudia, and take a nap. But! Not without telling you:

–I’m actively seeking a yoga home(s) until our private little studio at the house is finished. Interested in classes? I’ll let you know when I line something up.

–That silks gig? My friend Susan and I started a duo! We call ourselves Vayu Aerials. If you want to take your next event to the next level (har har, get it? A little aerial humor for you there), you know who to call.

Ok. Now I’m going to go take that nap.