I’ll be honest with you. I do not.

But I wish that I did.

Instead, my deep-down secret feelings are scribbled in journal after journal, left out so carelessly, even the most amateur of snoopers could discover them. One time, I discovered one of my old diaries at somebody else’s house. Which begs the question: did they take it, or more troubling, do I visit people’s homes with a diary in tow?

Anyway. When the sweet folks at The Sketchbook Project got in touch with me, it made me want to be one of those people. People who think in pictures. You know what was one of the most delightful books I read recently? The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. You want to know why? Because the private doodles that the main character draws are so amazing. Heartbreaking, but, mostly funny. And amazing.

The Sketchbook Project is a Brooklyn-based group (of course they’re from Brooklyn!) that keeps a collection of open-source sketchbooks from formal artists and non, and tours every year from city to city, setting up makeshift libraries along the way. You can check them out and peruse, or, you can submit a sketchbook of your own.

This year (today) they’ll be at Co-Lab.

Their show/library is a moving thing, and is over in a flash. In fact, they ship out Monday. Oh Reader, I want to go! I love little stuff like this.

I can’t promise that I will, because, heyo, I have a SX panel on Sunday! ¬†Going to level with you here — it kind of snuck up on me this year. BUT. Our panel is about making web video, my co-presenters (Camille Styles, HGTV!, Christian Remde) are awesome, and not to brag or anything, but my flesh is back to looking like it belongs to a human. Which, ahem, is significant progress over last weekend’s…incident.

So here’s the deal. If you go, will you promise to write me back right here, and tell me all about how magical The Sketchbook Project was? Maybe you’ll get inspired to submit one. Maybe I’ll model my slightly spotted hand for you. Maybe you’ll title it, “Poison Ivy Still Life,” and maybe we’ll become the next Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe. My sexy rash = her sexy mole.

IMAGES // Via The Sketchbook Project

Austin Sketchbook Project Artists 2012, from top:

Margaret Jonon Buford 2012 Theme: Time Traveler,
Marc Smith 2012 Theme: In 10 Minutes,
Nouri Zarrugh 2012 Theme: Fears and Tears.