Zou Bisou Bisou!

You guys — it’s time to come clean about something.

Ok, so, in the midst of all this yoga and silks and soul-searching blahbity blah, I’ve been hiding a secret:

I love TV.

Trashy, soapy, glorious TV!

I love the club you join when you become a fan of a show. I love reading TV show recaps (shout-out to Vulture, the best). I love rooting for character underdogs, even with full knowledge that these are FICTIONAL people.

Funnily enough, we don’t own an actual TV. We watch all “television” on our (apparently very outdated) Macs, and plug a wire into them MacGyver-style to make the sound come out of our speakers. It’s an arrangement that fits our in-between generational status, you see: Not quite Gen X and not quite Millenials, Ross and I are comfortable consuming culture through our computers, sort of, but still want said culture to be as (jankily) Surround Sound-ified as possible.

Anyway, here are the TV shows I watch:

–Mad Men,

–Downton Abbey,


–New Girl,



–Freaks & Geeks (back episodes on Netflix),

–Frasier (please don’t judge me),

–And the occasional dip into True Blood, a show I don’t actually care about all that much, but my best friends love it and I love my best friends so we all watch it together when it’s on and I try my darndest to keep the vampires/werewolfs/shifters/vampire governmental committee? straight.

Ross is much more of a nature documentary watcher than I am, and I can get into it every so often. Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom for example, which is literally about wolverines — some of the cutest animals in the world. They’re like little baby bears. I had no idea! This is what I thought wolverines looked like.

But Ross has more TV restraint than I do, so I have to geek out with my friend Omar to get my discussion fix. Omar used to write for Television Without Pity, so you can understand why this is such an advantageous (for me) relationship.

So I’m curious. What TV shows do you guys watch? I’ve often thought about doing regular recaps here on the blog for, like, Downton Abbey or something*, but I’m so bad at keeping up with regular anything posts on AE that I don’t know. Also, the best recap fodder has to be sufficiently soapy and ridiculous, I’ve decided. Girls is a great show and all but difficult to make fun of, because it’s already so self-aware and witty. Nashville, however? OH. So good. I could write a master’s thesis on Scarlett’s over-the-top Southern accent.

*Date of note: Mad Men season 6 premieres on April 7, mah birthday!