Ross with one of his future music students, our nephew Trevor.


No matter what you think about Valentine’s Day, I am about to melt your freaking heart right now.

So Ross is a kids’ music teacher, right? He teaches them in a school of rock-style studio we built in our backyard, and the whole thing is pretty awesome and should probably be a blog all by itself, except Ross is refreshingly minimal when it comes to the Internet. Case in point: we had a conversation recently about uploading pictures to Facebook.

Anyway, I keep meaning to do more posts about him and his kiddos…but I also don’t want to be the creepy adult skulking around taking pictures of children, knowmsayin’? However! Every so often, Ross and his kid bands make recordings of the songs they write together, and the latest one that he and his student Mabry wrote is so adorable it makes my cheeks hurt.

Fresh out of the recording booth: “Sweet Love,” by Ross and his baritone ukulele student, Mabry!


Doesn’t she sound like a mini Lou Reed? Mabry loves candy, and this is her/Ross’s fourth original song about it.

The musician at work: Mabry (in the middle) and friends. 

Twice a year, Ross does music showcases with all of his students and kid bands — the last one was at 29th Street Ballroom, next to Spiderhouse. At the next one I’m thinking Mabry and her backing band (composed of two other girls in Ross’s school) will totally wail on this one, and when they do I’ll be there waving a giant puff paint poster with pictures of candy and hearts drawn on it.

Yay Mabry! Yay husband!