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So, Amy made this awesome love mix for everyone, and I promise we’re going to get to it in a second.

But this morning, we were g-chatting about something else.

Do you have any love songs from the 90s that just…get you?

True, I hear them often enough being debased through the overhead grocery store speakers, or playing softly at my dentist’s office.

But I also listen to them in the privacy of my own home.

That’s because they are amazing.

One of these enduring melodies is “Kissed From a Rose.”

This song immediately transports me through time and space to my 8th grade dance, when I swayed with Whit Jones to the soaring vocals of Seal, wearing a brand new mock turtleneck from the Gap and feeling cocky because my braces had just come off.

I didn’t get kissed that night — from a rose or anybody — but I would get kissed soon. My braceless teeth would make men weak at the knees!

Amy, however, remembers a different song from that time. A song that is sort of about love, but also about territory, because when Monica is putting the moves on your man you just need to tell her to STEP OFF (if you are Brandy, that is).

This song reminds me of walking into the 5-7-9 and feeling sassy.

But the ultimate love song crew, in my opinion, is someone we’ve talked about before.

I always got soooo embarrassed when this song came on in the car and I was driving with my parents, because the Boyz were talking about SEX! And it’s against all natural laws to listen to songs about sex with your parents.

But nevertheless, this song ended up on many a mixtape, sandwiched between some Mariah and some Garth Brooks. My tastes were eclectic.

Do you have any 90s love songs that still get to you? In a non-ironic way?

I mean, I laugh now at Kid N’ Play, but I’m very serious when “More Than Words” comes on.

Even more serious for Color Me Badd.

(Special thank you to Amy for creating a great love song mix for us below, which is firmly rooted in 2010’s.)

VD by Amy Haley on Grooveshark