I have been immortalized in literature!

Well, my name anyway.

Did you know that I’ve only met one other Tolly in my life — and it was a dog? ┬áThat all changed a few days ago, when I got this sweet package in the mail from my friend Addie. It contained a little children’s book, written and illustrated by Addie’s husband, Ian. Inside, there’s a turkey named Tolly!


Ian’s new book, Tolly the Turkey and Polly the Pumpkin, is all about teaching children the value of gratitude. It features a talking turkey and a talking pumpkin, who become best friends linked together by their mutually thankful natures. ┬áThe idea came to Ian when he, Addie, and their son Julian (also a character in the book) went on a Thanksgiving vacation together. Ian and Addie wanted to congratulate Julian for being so selfless, so they came up with this mini scavenger hunt that rewarded Julian with small toys — but like the Tooth Fairy or Santa, a special deliverer was needed. So Ian came up with “Tolly the Turkey and Polly the Pumpkin” who rewards Julian (and now, children everywhere) each year for grateful behavior.

Can you see the resemblance?

I meant to tell you guys about this around Thanksgiving, but you know how I can be. However! There’s plenty of time to make this book a nice stocking stuffer or holiday present for your little ones. And then every time you do the scavenger hunt you can say, “TOLLY LEFT YOU PRESENTS!!”

Which — even though your child is envisioning a talking turkey and not a frizzy-haired white girl — will make me very, very happy.