You guys!  I forgot to continue our EAST 2012 journey. You know, the one that started like this?

Well, maybe “forgot” isn’t the right word. More like, attended to other pressing matters in my personal orbit (i.e., Thanksgiving) while thinking fondly of this post’s eventual existence. I know you must have been in a virtual standstill though until it came out…right?

After our stops at Domy, Big Red Sun, Caroline Wright Gallery, and Cenote, we moseyed up to Pump Project, a huge, warehousy hive of artist studios on Shady Lane.

(Can I tell you a secret? I almost typed “moseleyed.” Which you might find either endearing or egotistical.)

Me, performing an inspection.

(A statement that is obviously never true.)

Hello, I’m the cutest dog ever!


(I’m his friend!)

Can you tell we were really into this artist? His name was J. Haley, and he explained to us that he was interested in the stuff of our lives, and the way objects shape us.

(Forgive me, Pump Project artists, that J. Haley is the only one of the lot of you that I ID’d. If you see your work in this post, please do feel free to let me know in comments.)

Next, we headed to Hillside Farmacy, an exquisite, vintage-feeling little restaurant that I’ve only recently discovered. Don’t you love the way the tiles sparkle in this room?  The decor reminds me of the Swan Dive down on Red River, mixed with a bit of the long-lost Peacock, my very favorite bar in Austin that is now no longer. Sigh.

Fannie and Katie. And MORE beautiful tiles.

Until next time, sweet EAST.