IMAGES of Cherrywood Art Fair featured artists // Left to right, top to bottom: Bright-Eyed Birdie, Cherrywood Art Fair, Rad Designs, Blue Haven Porcelain, Little Minnow Designs, Curious Customs, Ceramica Botanica, Lip Glosserie, Articulture Designs (terrariums left & right), Doug Naugle Fine Art         

About three years ago, I started heavily geeking out over Cherrywood Art Fair.

Have you ever been, Austinites? It really is the most endearing, legitimately useful thing. Imagine an east side elementary school, transformed for one weekend — this coming one — into an arts and craft fair, packed with little kids, whole rambling families, and hipsters doing their holiday shopping.

(I feel the need to qualify “arts and crafts fair” with “hipsters” because I want you to conjure the correct image, see. When I say “arts and crafts fair” you might think of gemstones and Kokopelli t-shirts, but that is not how we do in Austin, Texas.)

Anyway, I try to do the majority of my holiday shopping at Cherrywood Art Fair. I’ll admit: It’s more expensive than heading on down to Target and calling it a day. But, while I know I don’t have to tell you this, isn’t it 50 times more awesome to give your loved ones something that an artist made? Won’t you be blessed with better kharma for your purchase? Am I getting on a soapbox? Yes, yes, and yes.

If you head to Cherrywood Art Fair this weekend for your shopping, look for me! Since at the time of this post it’s down to a frigid 79 degrees here in Central Texas, there’s a strong likelihood I’ll be wearing shorts. That being the case I’ll be the one sporting hard-won bruises all over my legs, because I had my first big-time aerial show last WEEKEND! This is me! I’m honestly still spinning (har) with excitement from it all.