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Hello, Reader.

Today’s post will be short, I think, because…well, I don’t have a specific reason, I suppose. I’ve just been romping around in the computerless world for a while, and when I go for even a few days without blogging, I fall out of the habit. But you know what? I feel great.

Oh, it’s not that I don’t have posts I’m supposed to write. Because this blog is half personal, half “local interest outlet,” I do feel beholden to the other people that make this blog possible. The kind individuals who cook me food, for example. Or publicists. Publicists don’t get enough credit for making magic happen.

So, I have a neat little stack of posts to go through here. Bear with me, publicists.

But, over Thanksgiving, I made an executive decision to leave town as well as my computer, and while this may not be such a huge deal for some people (or rather, most normal people), it felt incredibly freeing to me. Bloggers, have you ever fallen into a sneaky hate spiral¬†of social media? You get all obsessed about your Facebook fan numbers/Twitter followers/whatever…you constantly refresh the page to see if there’s been any new action in the last 10 minutes…there hasn’t, you get depressed, wonder why the hell you do this at all, then furiously churn out another blog post, sure that this one will turn things around?

(This is something that every blogger does, by the way.)

Whenever this happens, these little poisonous doses of social media neuroses, I get hyper-focused on being witty and clever on social media. I devote serious time to generating quick, off-the-cuff-seeming Tweets, which is just embarrassing.

So what I’m saying is: Sometimes I need to physically remove myself from my computer.

The Thanksgiving holiday was one of those times.

And you know what I discovered in the meantime?:

1) My three year old nephews’ love for dinosaurs is larger than the largest tall building. I know, because I asked one of them how much he loves dinosaurs.

2) On that note, T-Rex is the ultimate dinosaur. This is true for every generation.

3) My husband, up until Sunday night, did not know how to post an image to FACEBOOK!

4) …which blows my mind, and also makes me happy to be married to such an endearing social media virgin.

5) I still miss Hyde Park. It’s an unrequited love and I’m just going to accept it now.

6) My dad, who was just in Ecuador, is possibly the most excited person on the planet to have ever taken photos while standing directly on the equator (and straddling the equator, and standing to one side with his arm sticking over the other, and standing with one foot on the equator…)

7) My mother-in-law makes a mean pumpkin bread. So moist! Cake-level moist!

8) I had to eat this bread to cheer me up after finishing The House of Mirth, which I checked out at the library a few weeks ago, unaware that Edith Wharton would stomp on my heart as if it were a West Nile Virus-filled mosquito.

9) My father-in-law is unnaturally skilled at cracking pecans. Enough to make you think twice about a thumb war.

10) I’m happy Ryan Adams is with Mandy Moore.

11) Beauty and the Beast — the animated version — makes me cry?

12) Not just at the end where the beast transforms into a studly Disney man, but also at the part where Gaston is singing his song and stomping all around the beer tavern showing off his biceps and taxidermy. What is that about.

13) I am capable of creating a website! (I think.) I started one for my freelance writing biz.

14) My mother is a profoundly good human being — this I’ve always known — but specifically, she is a damn good sister. The kind that will come to your home, in a different state, and help you replace a sink. Now that’s a sibling.

15) Freaks and Geeks is now available on Netflix, and watching it reminds me of an important, enduring truth: That Jason Segel is dreamier than James Franco. Discussion closed.

I hope your holiday was low-key and marvelous too, and that you didn’t have to work on Friday. Do any diabolical companies out there make you guys work on the Friday after Thanksgiving? If so, we may have to have words. Your company and I. I’m just saying.

Oh! And! I have a silks show this weekend. Friday and Saturday! Do you want to come? Tickets are limited so I won’t post a link here, but email me if you’d like to know more.