Inside Busy Being.

We developed our coordinates days in advance for the East Austin Studio Tour.

I told Amy and Megan, “Domy Books? OK, Domy Books! We will convene at Domy Books!” like it was some secret, hard-to-remember rendezvous, rather than the same route we take every year.

I’m not sure what it is about EAST that makes me so giddy.

Ok, that’s a lie. I do know what it is about EAST.

It’s not just that walking around among city blocks of art, tucked away in factories-turned-studios and bookstores and private homes restores my faith in humanity. It’s not just the free wine and beer…although those things are very lovely.

(It’s not even that criminally cute dogs can be found accompanying their owners to said studios, although they were, and you’ll have to tune in for EAST 2012: Part Two to see what I’m talking about.)

Laura Uhlir, owner of Olive Vintage. Here she is silly.

Here she is serious.

You know what is is, really?

It’s getting to squeal to an artist’s face about how cool you think their stuff is.

And oh, I was squealing:

Paper Party, which along with Busy Being and Olive Vintage, is also tucked inside Domy Books.

This is a zine we found at Domy by my friend Zoe Cordes Selbin, aka, the Doogie Houser of PR. Zoe is in college right now, but even if she just up and left today, she could probably start her own music marketing firm.

Ah, Miranda July!  I can never decide whether I’m girl-crushing on Miranda July, or jealous of her. Probably a little bit of both.

We breezed out of Domy, and strolled up to Big Red Sun.

Our reenactment of last year. Nice to see you again, red hair!

Then skipped across the street to Caroline Wright‘s studio and gallery.

“What do you see?” she asked the little girls.

“Birds flying,” one murmured.

Caroline’s brilliant tights.

Then gathered up our art-dazed faculties at Cenote, which I learned was named after a well in Mexico.

Secret studiers.

More pictures soon, when I tell you about the rest of our EAST adventure — going to give your eyes a break for now.