It’s officially a thing of the past, isn’t it? Or, at least for another nine to eleven months.

I’d been sort of pretending it was still summer — until yesterday morning, that is. That’s when my bare arms slipped into the year’s first cardigan. Austinites, fall is upon us.

I’ve never been a cold weather gal, despite devoted tutelage from my New Jersey friends. But I do get giddy when that first tease of a chill slips through the air, usually around October here. I felt it yesterday, and over the weekend too, when my friend Jason and I went to go see Sleepwalk With Me at Violet Crown. When we got out, we were so tickled by the movie and by the new weather, that we had our own Titanic moment on Violet Crown’s balcony, hollering, “I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!” to the Second Street pedestrians down below. A woman sitting on a bench looked up at us when we did so. She was not amused.

Still. I was looking through these pictures today of my friends and I from just a few weeks ago, and couldn’t help but get wistful. Are you really gone, summer?

Yes, you are.

I’ll miss your swimming pools and your July fireworks, summer. Your hammocks and your sunblock scent. I’ll miss the lakes and rivers you offered up to me and I’ll even miss your blazing hot afternoons, especially the ones that yielded boozy fruity drinks.

You were good to me this year, summer: You gave me days on end with people I love and people I haven’t seen in a while, and you gave me small pockets of adventure.

I wonder what your plans are, fall?