Need a tip on Austin?

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new, regular feature: “ASK AUSTIN EAVESDROPPER.

You may have seen the little gray button in the righthand margin (as opposed to the “little gay button,” which is what I almost typed, although I don’t presume to know the sexuality of my buttons. Maybe it is gay).

In addition to moi, Tolly, Austin Eavesdropper hosts Megan Renart, our resident food + drink writer, Amy Haley, our musics gal, Nicki Lemon, our in-house photographer, and Jennifer King, style contributor. We figured that between the five of us, we could pool our ATX knowledge and answer some questions for you about the city! Where can you find yoga on the east side? Where can you find a suitably autumnal dessert alternative to pumpkin bread? Where can you find true love — or at least a cutie pie pub trivia partner? Let us help you. And if we don’t know the answer, we shall turn to our knowledgeable readers via AE’s social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

This is actually a feature I’ve been wanting to launch for a while, because a few times a week, I’ll get a shy email from an out-of-towner coming to Austin, or someone about to move to Austin, wanting to know where to find good vintage boots. Or, what the best local BBQ is. One time, a gentleman even asked if I could suggest a location for him to propose to his future fiance. (I said Sixth Street. Just kidding.)

These questions always tickle me so much that I want to start sharing them publicly, and get a compendium of Austin knowledge going. By which I mean, tag them for future reference. So! How does this work?

If you have a question, simply write us and put the words “Ask Austin Eavesdropper” in the subject line. Here is an example of how Ask Austin Eavesdropper worked recently:

This was a question we received over ACL weekend, and since I haven’t gotten the asker’s permission, I won’t include her name here — but when you write in, you may sign yours however you like (Jane Doe, Anonymous, Dubious in Dallas, etc.).

QUESTION: I have just moved back to Austin and need a fab hairstylist to pump up my fine, flyaway straight hair (which I don’t use “product” on). Herculean task, so I need a Master.

I saw that Ana [Zapata] was highly recommended by lots of folks, and you, so I stopped by Wild Orchid today where the guy installing a new sink on a Sunday told me that Ana sold the salon to him a few months ago. My fairly in-depth Internet search for her new spot didn’t turn up anything, so I’m turning to you for the inside scoop.

If you don’t know how to reach Ana, and I guess if you do as well, may I ask for your recommendation for the best haircut/stylist in Austin?

We contacted Ana, and found out that indeed, she is no longer at a salon. So, here is what we wrote back:

AE: I just texted Ana to find out if she’s still doing hair. She’s taking a little hiatus right now – sad – but I do have a recommendation for you: Kate Gibson at Paloma Beauty Parlour, up near the Mueller (51st St) area. She cut my hair this summer, did a fantastic job, and I didn’t have to use product to style it. (I always mess things up when I try to use product in my hair.) Her prices are comparable to Ana’s, and best of all, Paloma is just this fantastic little gem: Part hair studio, part organic skin day spa, part art gallery … it’s just the neatest place. Here’s their website:

Did I mention you can book online, too? Tell Evette hi for me when you go — she’s a sweetheart.


So that was how we did that. Your question might be totally different — maybe, for example, you are bald (in which case you”d be in good company, since AE has lots of bald readers), and want to know where oh where you can take a vegan girl for a decadent sweet treat? (Answer: Sweet Ritual.)

We will share your questions and our answers here regularly on the blog. Look forward to hearing from you!