Hi friends! Amy here. As musical powerhouses sure to get your hips swinging and heart pulsating descend on our fair city, ACL is officially upon us, so today’s playlist is ACL 2012-themed.

But first! A story.

So, with more than half of festival-goers travelling from outside the city limits (har) my heart swells with pride each time I tout myself as an Austinite. However I, like many “Austinites,” am technically a transplant.

I distinctly remember my first ACL excursion. I was still living in Dallas when I bought my ticket, and although I intuitively knew there would be tons of other bands to captivate my musical attention, I really made the purchase based solely on one act: Björk.

My freshman year of college, I don’t think a single other tape hit my deck. (That’s right…I said TAPE.) And in my car’s CD player, the beautifully bizarre, high-pitched vibrato of the Icelandic Goddess rang out during each trip.

Fast forward a few months later, and there I was: standing in the very packed center of a feverish ACL crowd, waiting not-so-paitently for Bjork’s entrance. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, the cheering rose up, and out she stepped – gliding through the spotlight sans swan suit – but true to form in what can only be described as a gold lamé trash bag. She charmed and charged her massive crowd for a magical hour and a half, and if you are reading this, perhaps you were in that Bjork crowd with me. Remember how buzzed and giddy we all felt afterwards? That show still sticks out as one my most cherished ACL memories, and favorite live music experiences in general.

The line-up this year evokes a similar giddiness as the kind I felt all those years ago, so here are a few of the bands I am most excited to see this upcoming weekend. Enjoy, festival attendees!

ACL by Amy Haley on Grooveshark

IMAGES // Via Caroline + Ben and Bjorkish