Everybody, meet Andrew.

What an adorable little New Yorker, eh?

I met Andrew earlier this year, when we presented at a panel together for SXSWi. If you just met Andrew on the street, you’d think to yourself, “wow, what a nice guy,” perhaps not realizing that he helped create Dwell Magazine, or that he was the former editor-in-chief of the (dearly departed) ReadyMade, that he’s a New York Times design writer … what I’m saying is, Andrew’s a media badass. But way too humble to come out and tell you these things, so I have to do the bragging for him.

Andrew and I are also total kindred spirits when it comes to the Internet. We love the Internet … but we also feel funny about too much Internet. I feel like I’m constantly recalibrating my relationship with it, drawing a firm line in the sand about how much screen time I allow myself a day, and then blazing past that line when I’m promoting something. Then I get too Internet-immersed and have to come up for air, via yoga or aerial silks or something else intensely physical to balance out the poles again.

Andrew’s the same way. We both make our living doing Internet-y things, but hate being tethered to gadgets.  He said it best during our panel: “I go online to get offline.” So with that in mind, he decided to create this cool company (Krrb) which encourages people to do just that.

Krrb is kind of like a classy, neighborhood-centric Craigslist for design wonks. You type in your address, and it shows you what people are selling within short distances from you. When I typed in my address, here’s what came up:

“Oasis Necklace” from Charm School Vintage — $66

Completely kickass “Handcrafted Rustic Cask Side Rocking Chair” from Petrified Design — $525 

Electric Blue Leather Dress (yow!) from Charm School Vintage — $148

Holy Rosewater ’70s Maxi Skirt from Lyla Rose Vintage — $30

Now, keep in mind I’m curating this for you. There’s also stuff on Krrb like, “collection of Bill Murray classics on VHS!!! $1!! and “See-Through ’90s Mini Backpack! $3!!” but, that’s the beauty of it: It’s community-driven, hyper-local commerce. And getting back to Andrew’s “go online to get offline” ethos, most of Krrb’s transactions are (deliberately) designed to be in-person pick-up.

Krrb is having a joint sale with UT’s very cool Trash to Treasure program on Tuesday, October 9, from 10am-2:30pm. If you are a student reading this, the sale will take place on the Flawn Academic Center (FAC) patio: Details are in that link. And if you are not a student, you can enter this cool $1000 Apartment Therapy Classifieds shopping giveaway Krrb is hosting.

Pretty neat, right?