It’s out! Our second episode of “Hungry In!”

In this episode, Adrianna Adarme of A Cozy Kitchen takes us to Echo Park in Los Angeles, where she tries (among many delicious things) a warm beignet topped with lardo. I basically just gnawed on my laptop when that part came up.

Also … guess whose episode comes out on Friday?  Eeeep!

Can I be a total girl for just one second, you guys? I was having a bad hair day during that particular episode. The one that comes out Friday. And, I’m wearing a stupid scarf.  I was worried that my dress would be too boobalicious, hence the scarf … and it’s just a no.  I know. I know!  I shouldn’t even direct your attention there, just let you visually devour the food (which, if I do say so myself, is quite stunning). But I gave myself a complex about it, and now I’m scared that The Internet (essentially, all of us) will be like: “This girl has bad hair and wears stupid scarves! Boo, hiss!”

However … back in Non-Shallow Land, I am so, SO excited to show you the first episode. The culinary types we talk to are all pretty charming and fabulous, the food is gorgeous, and, and — you’ll just have to see it! Promise me you will, ok? And not make fun of my scarf.