When I was six years old, I started keeping a diary. When I was fifteen, I changed its name to “Journal.” In college, I got my first laptop and started a Word .doc called Private_Journal (which eventually got discovered and then I really did have to make it private), and now, I write a blog.

I’ve evolved into a more digital creature, and perhaps because of that, I find paper notes — earnest to-do’s, moms’ notes tucked inside kids’ lunch boxes, the telling grocery list — a lot more special than I once did. Of course I’m a sucker for PostSecret. I’m a huge fan of/former performer in Mortified*, the show where folks read their old, adolescent-scrawled diaries out loud to a roomful of strangers. This oddly placed sentimentality probably has something to do with the fact that my generation was the last to grow up Internet-less, with lots and lots of paper. And, even though it’s not the environmentally correct thing to say, I miss all that paper.

Anyway, I discovered this project — FOUND Magazine — last week via my blogger buddy Tiffany Tso, whose creative projects I’ve followed for a long time. But it was her latest site, Voyeur (worth a turn when you have a moment) that specifically led me to FOUND,  which collects love letters, idle doodles, ticket stubs, birthday cards, etc. and publishes them in an old-fashioned magazine.

Well lo and behold, FOUND is not only spearheaded by a cool author, but said author, Davy Rothbart, his new book My Heart is an Idiot, and the 10-year-running FOUND are on tour. A tour that’s coming to Austin (Nov. 29, Ritz Drafthouse).

I’ll see you there, Davy.

Here are some of my favorite notes I “found” (get it?!) poking around the site:

*Next Mortified:Austin show is Oct. 19 and Oct. 20 at 29th St. Ballroom, next to Spiderhouse. Tickets here.