Well well well! Look who’s getting his own BBQ show!

I heard about this a few days ago on my favorite news source, Twitter. This show concept makes me happy for two reasons:

A) Aaron and his wife Stacy are lovely individuals. Not too long ago, I went out to Salty Sow with them and my fellow “Hungry In” co-host Josh Ozersky, and let me tell you something: Eating at a meat restaurant with Aaron Franklin is a bit like going to a fashion show with Lady Gaga. Everyone’s coming up, shaking his hand; grown men are murmuring, “I love your meat” while free beers magically appear from nowhere. And Aaron accepts it all graciously, like a humble Meat King.

B) I am thrilled that KLRU is investing in more cool, local programs and interesting web series! Between this and Hardly Sound, the new docu-series about under-the-radar bands in Texas, KLRU is quickly turning into the kind of channel that I feel those in my peer group (mid ’20s to mid ’30s) would tune into. And not just when Downton Abbey is on.

BBQ with Franklin is in the middle of a fundraising campaign right now, so what say we help him out? You can give in  anywhere from $2 to $2000, with neat perks too, like having your name inscribed on wood that will then smoke brisket. I think I’ll be vain (no surprise there) and get that one.