Eep. Look! How exciting. This is a commercial of sorts for our show. New premiere date: THIS Friday, September 22, not last Friday, like I told you originally. Josh in New York is first up, and you will adore him.¬†Soon, I’m going to write a post profiling each of these peeps so you can get to know them a little better.

If you have time today, would you go “like” this vid on YouTube? (I.e. press the thumbs-up icon.) Please! Please with organic cherries on top? ¬†Likes help us out, I am told.

Finally. You know what I think I’m going to add to this blog? A button called “Ask Austin Eavesdropper.” Lately, I’ve been noticing that people write into AE’s Facebook page, with a question about where to go and what to see in Austin. The best BBQ, for example.

But the truth is, these questions are best answered by the whole lot of you. I am one set of eyes, one pair of ears, and one tongue, each with their own histories and oddball preferences and particular ways of filtering the world. But you — you! — you are deft and sensitive. Some of you know Austin very well. You have a running mental list of the town’s best brussels sprouts. You know just where you’d march a wandering soul looking desperately for souvenir boots. And by all means, you know your BBQ.

Sometimes people write to my email address, asking about things other than what to do or where to go in the city. Sometimes they aren’t questions at all. Sometimes they read like,

“I’m ready to leave my town, because there’s nothing here for me. I’m ready to move to Austin. But I’m scared.”

Or, “I want to propose to my girlfriend in a special way. Here in Austin. What should I do?”

These questions often take me days to answer. They are so big. They require something much more substantial and felt than a quickly dashed-off, “The Umlauf Sculpture Garden! I hear that’s nice!

I have to chew on them for a while, and sometimes I never hear from the question-asker again. But sometimes we become buddies, and I like that.

This is all to say that these types of questions are OK too. My point is, people have questions. And I think we’re ready to give them answers.

So, the button then. Should we do it?