I’m going to co-host a new show!

YouTube started its own food channel, Hungry, with the help of Electus: The television studio behind Chopped, Fashion Star, and various HBO adaptations. There are several delightful food shows/personalities on Hungry now, including Duff from Ace of Cakes, Alex Thomopoulos, Laura Vitale, Austin’s very own Casserole Queens … and soon, I will join their ranks!

Now you may be asking, “but Tolly, what do you know about cooking?” And to that I would scrunch up my face, run and cry in the corner, while you call after me: “Crying? There’s no crying in baseball!”

However, I do know a lot about Austin. And this new show, titled “Hungry In,” focuses on local eating in four cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin. I host the Austin episodes, and it premieres on Friday!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of me going around Austin, eating. Roughly half of this show is me stuffing my face.

You can’t tell here, but you could lift weights with this Henri’s grilled cheese sandwich.

Andy (Henri’s co-owner) slicing it for me … 

BITE!  This was roughly 0.01 seconds before this sandwich took me face-first back onto the table, due to its enormous weight.

A juicy fig that would make its way into artisanal ice cream.

Kyle, pastry chef at Barley Swine: “No, really! I’m going to make a Hefeveizen donut!”

Me: “That’s HILARIOUS!”

Me: “…oh. I guess you were serious.”

(PS: That Hefeveizen donut was delicious.)

Beautiful Sophie of Marvelous Vintage Tea Party. After all these years of Anglophilia, I FINALLY have a British friend!  And boy, can she bake a mean scone.

So as you can see, the show is not me cooking (whew), but getting to show off the wonderful culinary talents in Austin … the city that stole my heart a long time ago.  I am incredibly honored to be a part of Hungry, and hope I do you proud.

To watch, go to, and if you like the other food shows there, hit the “Subscribe” button.

I am probably going to be talking it up more this week, so I hope you don’t get annoyed with me! If you do, may I recommend watching this on YouTube, this or even this. Enjoy!