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Hello friends! I (Amy) currently find myself in the grip of a full-fledged crush. (Cue contented sigh.)

No, no – it isn’t Canada. You’ll be happy to know that in the crush realm, I’ve graduated beyond countries. This time, I’m attracted to a real life human — in the flesh! Not a celebrity, musician, but an actual sweetie to call my own.

But as with any crush, I had questions. Questions that pertained to music. Namely: Did she like it? As much as I did? That’s a tall order. I casually threw out a band name one day to see how she’d react – a band not totally hipster-obscure, but … ok actually yes. It was.

“OH MY GOD, love them,” she cried, humming the chorus of my favorite song. “And do you know about so-and-so? I saw them play together once. Unreal.”

My jaw dropped, then raised into a grin. I had found an auditory ally.

It was good timing, too. It’s always delightful to have a fellow tunesmith, one who provides a steady supply of new songs, songs to listen to in the car and songs to put on “repeat” and songs to tap your feet to at work. But it was especially good timing because Canada had become more than a fantasy move for me, you see. I was getting to be rather like Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl, happily coddling a lover (i.e. a move to Canada) that refused to spring forth to life, all the while dreaming of a future that included the kind of companionship I’m now experiencing.

But now…I have a blow-up doll. And SHE LOVES MUSIC.

Just kidding! (Seriously. I don’t own a blow-up doll). No, what I’ve got is a great person who is helping me to just be. To stay present, to remain a wholehearted participant in my own life, and to obsess less about a fantasy future that has yet to materialize. Now, I’m just enjoying where I’m at, remembering to give a grateful shout-out or two along the way.

So! With that. Let’s listen to some music. Someday, when I look back on this season of sound, I’ll sigh again over a very starry-eyed time in my young life. Enjoy!

Crushin’ by Amy Haley on Grooveshark