YAY! Our first “Hungry In” installment has arrived!

As I mentioned last week, Josh Ozersky is both a buddy of mine and a fearless meat lover. Although as you can see by the episode above, maybe “fearless” isn’t the right word for Josh – discriminating? Lusty? ┬áLet’s go with lusty.

Anyway, on this tour, Josh takes us to five – five! – hamburger joints in a couple block stretch in New York. What I love about Josh is not only his lust (yes, lust) for burgers, but his historical commentary in between bites. Josh founded the one and only Grub Street, New York Magazine‘s food blog, so he’s got years of Manhattan meal memories to draw from. He also wrote a book called Meat Me in Manhattan. How can you not adore a person who writes things called Meat Me in Manhattan?

Thank you Josh for kicking off our show! The next episode comes out Friday! If you want to entertain yourself before then, may I recommend this head-to-head Beer Chicks/Alex Thomopoulos (from “Bites & Booze”) gluten-free cocktails episode? Alex has quickly become my favorite Hungry Channel personality — down-to-earth, FUNNY, stylish … obviously, I have a girl crush.