Normally I let Amy handle Amy handle the music business here on AE. She is, unlike me, in touch with the stuff all the kids are listening to these days, and in possession of discriminating musical taste. “… what?” I’ll say sometimes to her, as she tells me about some new awesome band, discreetly turning down my headphones’ “Call Me Maybe” in the process.  So … yeah.

HOWEVER. I made this music discovery over the weekend, with the help of Amy (damnit) and I can’t stop listening to it.  Summer Heart is David Alexander, a dapper young man from Sweden, whose country was clearly outfitted by J. Crew for the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I took a nap on Saturday, exhausted from the very hard work of brunching, and listened to Summer Heart while I dozed. It made my afternoon sleep quite shimmery indeed.

According to Summer Heart’s Facebook page, he (David) has just been signed by The Agency Group, which also represents our hometown heroes / soon-to-be-very-famous Bright Light Social Hour, so that means North American shows. Here’s a sampling of his music below, and if you like it, leave a comment on his Facebook page demanding requesting that Austin, TX become his first U.S. stop.

Summer Heart by Tolly Moseley on Grooveshark