Like late-night eating and hair-twirling, procrastination is one of my core vices. Especially when it comes to long overdue blog projects: I’ll demand something of myself via a bullet point on a to-do list, like, “Fill out your blog’s freaking writing page!” and then, rebel from my own good intentions and ignore that bullet point for several months.


Hide your kids, hide your wife … Austin Eavesdropper has a feed!  And an email subscription!  If you are a blog feed reader, boom.  If you like to receive AE in your email inbox the moment it publishes, we are in business.

Speaking of feeds, did you have the old posts coming to your feed once upon a time?  Well, one of my coder friends redirected that feed to this site, so now you should be receiving this very post!  He is a magical wizard.

We’ve also officially turned out the lights over at, and it automatically redirects over here. Honestly, I’m a little sentimental about it, since a lot of you guys liked (preferred?) that blog’s design. I know. I loved it too. Kelly Ann Mount, the girl who did it, is so talented. But! I craved easy and clean, and I also knew it was time to move on up to WordPress.  Someday, I’ll write a post about making platform transitions, and the frustrations / advantages of switching from something like Blogspot to something like WordPress.  Or would that be boring?

Finally: That writing page I mentioned?  Is a reality!  I’m keeping a running collection of favorite posts, as well as a sample of my freelance writing. Enjoy!