IMAGE // Yellow Bird Project

Do you have a dream job that you drool over? Or an idea of one that’s been hanging out, patiently waiting until your Jerry Maguire “Who’s coming with me!” moment, snatching up the office goldfish and jettisoning your stuffy, corporate day-job?

Me too. I (Amy) have a dream. A dream that one day, my vocation and my passions will hold hands and walk together. That I can help the less fortunate and get paid for it. That I can do something ultra-cool and give back at the same time. I’m talking about philanthropy, folks.

Besides being a music super fan, nonprofit work/social outreach/philanthropy is my other big passion. So last year, when I discovered Montreal-based Yellow Bird Project it was sort of like when Pepé Le Pew spots Penelope Pussycat for the first time. ‘Twas l’amour as they say, with pink heart bubbles floating around my head.

I was at Wild About Music on 6th, when I spotted a quirky, yellow book cover from a distance. An indie rock coloring book? Get out. But wait, what was this – all proceeds went to charity?

I squealed aloud and tore through the pages, while other, more civilized patrons (including my sister) stared at me flatly. I didn’t know what to do with such a treasure, but I knew that it. Would. Be mine.

Later, I ended up giving the book to a Canadian pal for her birthday, and promptly bought three more to support the cause. Once I learned of the organization that made the book – Yellow Bird Project – whose organization combines two, scratch that, THREE of my passions (music, philanthropy, and Canada), I fell hard and deep. In addition to the coloring book, Yellow Bird Project works with musicians to create t-shirt designs, whose proceeds go to benefit worthy organizations of the musician’s choice. Sounds a bit like another t-shirt do-gooding operation we know.

I now use any birthday, baby shower or congratulatory event as an excuse to give that coloring book, secretly hoping the action will karmically nudge me ever closer to my dream job: Indie Philanthropist. In the spirit of life’s most joyous pairings – wine and cheese, Sonny and Cher, Austin and Eavesdropper – so too has the Yellow Bird Project combined two already wonderful entities in which I hope to dabble…someday.

In the meantime, here are some tunes from my favorite YPB contributors. Enjoy!

Yellow Bird Project by Amy Haley on Grooveshark