Y’all. It’s hot.

I (Amy) am a native Texan, so you’d think I’d be used to our soul-sizzling summers by now. But come five o’clock when I (wo)man my vehicle after its 9-hour broil in the sun, I swear sometimes I make a frantic grasp for the rearview mirror just to make sure my eyelashes haven’t been singed off in a violent flash of heat.

And while all of us at one point or another have raised our fists to the sky, cursing the Austin sun, we all have our own special way of dealing with it. Some of us remain firmly indoors with friends, cocktails, and air conditioning. Others brave the searing triple-digit temps and join the sweaty throngs pulsating to live music or arresting art.

Come Sunday, I’ll be the latter.

Barring dehydration, I’ll be attending the Cinema East closing party at the Eastside Track Field at Yellow Jacket Stadium.

Wrapping the summer outdoor film screening series will be a movie entitled Girl Walk // All Day.

As Cinema East describes it, “Girl Walk // All Day is a feature-length dance music video and tale of urban exploration that follow three dancers across New York City. They turn the city’s sidewalks, parks, and stadiums into an evolving stage as a story of rebellion, love, and discovery unfolds. Shot entirely in public spaces, and funded entirely by crowd-sourcing, Girl Walk // All Day is a statement about the power of community and public space. Set to the album All Day by mashup musician Girl Talk, it’s also an insanely fun love letter to New York.”

Naturally, there will be a Q&A // dance party with director Jacob Krupnick to follow, complete with … wait for it … free sparklers at the door!

It is a $3 door cover, with hot dogs for sale and – while supplies last – free beer. The film begins at dark (9pm) at the Eastside Track Field at Yellow Jacket Stadium 1156 Hargrave St, off E. Rosewood and Hargrave, across from Millennium Youth Complex.

In true east side fashion, there will also be a free “bike valet” courtesy of The Ghisallo Foundation. So ride your bike to Cinema East, and they will park it for you for free. Talk about service, huh?

To celebrate Girl Walk, I made this summery mix in heat of the moment (har). Enjoy, and if you live in Austin – see you Sunday!

Bless Your Summer Hearts by Amy Haley on Grooveshark