Well this was totally awesome! Cathy Byrd, the creator of Fresh Art International and host of the super cool “Fresh Talk” podcast — which will soon become a story source for KUT’s “O’Dark Thirty” show — featured me today. Cathy is the beautiful woman you see above, and is an independent art curator.

In our interview, we talk a bit about Austin Eavesdropper, a bit about aerial silks, and a bit about a NEW project that I was lucky enough to get involved in: A food show coming September on!  I’ll post more details about that this week, but Cathy and I give a little “sneak peek” (er … “sneak listen”) here.  There’s one part at the very end where I talk shrilly over a nearby train, so you can laugh at that too.

Click that link above to hear it, or search for “Fresh Talk” in iTunes or Stitcher. And if you are a podcast person and dig Fresh Talk, another one of my favorite Fresh Talk interviews is with Jack Sanders, one of the architects behind El Cosmico in Marfa. Follow Fresh Talk on Twitter, and like ’em on Facebook. Enjoy!