Hi Friends! I (Amy) have what we’ll call a highly imaginative relationship with iTunes. While my pregnant sister binges on Cadbury bunny eggs, I binge on Grooveshark, attempting to satisfy a bottomless craving. I like to pretend I’m a fancy record label exec, on the hunt for our next breakout talent, and each unknown has 30-seconds to wow me with their sound. Like Simon Cowell, my ear is discerning, and my mouth is cruel.

But several months ago, I successfully “signed” local wunderkinds Boy Friend. They’ve been a frequent guest on my playlists ever since.

Back here in the real world, I had the opportunity to visit with Boy Friend’s two members – Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown – who are playing a show tonight at Red 7. Here’s what they had to say for themselves:

1. The two of you are going on your 15th year of friendship-pretty impressive! How did the two of you meet, and when did you start making music together?

We met in 7th grade on a soccer team called Mystic Ice & had various shared art classes. We didn’t start making music together until high school though. Let’s just say we’ve come a long way in our tastes.

2. Was a love of music already a common thread in your friendship or did you discover your musical talents and grow into them as a duo?

Music has always been a common thread of ours, but both of us have helped each other develop our talents for sure over the years. Tastes change, as do writing styles & discoveries, so it’s a constant development. It helps that we can be so frank and open with each other about the whole process as well.

3. In what ways do you feel your long-term friendship influences your music and do you think the history and intimacy the two of you share translates in your sound?

It’s definitely helpful in the fact that we can quarrel about songs or nit-pick details and still love each other. We’ve learned to communicate much more effectively since starting Boy Friend, which has helped influence our sound immensely. We also know our limits, so that’s always something we’re trying to push with the writing.

4. Prior to the creation of Boy Friend, you all were two-thirds of another much adored band: Sleep ∞ Over. I often hear your former project likened to the classic, atmospheric Cocteau Twins. I imagine you must be flattered by comparisons of this nature, but which bands seem to particularly inform your latest album release, “Egyptian Wrinkle?”

“Egyptian Wrinkle” was heavily influenced by Ray Lynch’s “Deep Breakfast,” Cyndi Lauper & Fiona Apple. The outcome was a compilation of dark, emotionally-driven croonings, but I think in our heads, we imagine everything a million times bigger in the future.

5. Speaking of the Egyptian Wrinkle album, I know it was recorded here in town, “at a friend’s house in north Austin surrounded by dogs, bongos, and plenty of warm Texan vibes.” What are some of the benefits of recording in this kind of intimate setting as opposed to a more “traditional” studio approach?

We’ve realized that our recording process needs to be very laid back and flexible because we finish up a lot of writing during that time, so keeping the environment as stress-free as possible is key. Although we would LOVE to be able to afford a lush professional studio, chilling with puppies on comfy beds also suits us just fine.

6. Back in February when “Egyptian Wrinkle” was released you all did something really special for fans and offered a limited, 1000-copy edition of the vinyl pressed on pink marble. (I thought the promo video for this was really well-done by the way.) Boy Friend also has an array of stunningly artsy, ethereal images which seem to mesh perfectly with your dream pop sound. How do you feel the visual elements of your band enhance your listeners’ experience?

Thank you! Ben Aqua did the art for that record, and Christa does the rest of the band art for the most part. The visual element is very important b/c it’s all part of this other-worldly vibe. We just can’t see it any other way!

7. Tonight, you gals will be opening for the fabulous, Wild Nothing at Red 7. (I also hear you have a very hush-hush surprise that will be revealed at this show!) How did you feel landing the gig and which other artists would you most like to work with someday?

We were super flattered (thanks Timmy!) & are super stoked to play with such talented people. We’d love to work with bigger producers & visionaries one day – currently having a love affair with Active Child, Chromatics, Airbird & The Ice Choir to name a few dream artists.

Thanks Boy Friend! And Reader, if you live in Austin, do yourselves a favor and come check out the talent on these two. AND! If you haven’t already listened to the new Wild Nothing album, “Nocturne,” I highly recommend it: here‘s a review Pitchfork did of it. Let me just say that this dewy-eyed collection is certainly worth your time and attention – more than 30 seconds.

If you’re at Red 7 this evening, see you all tonight!