I’ll admit it. ┬áStrolling around a mansion in the country is not a bad way to spend one’s Saturday.

Interior designer, shop owner, and editorial stylist Maureen Stevens — peach dress, long lustrous tresses — is the kind of woman I wish I could hire to make my whole life prettier. Her dream is to travel the world someday a la Samantha Brown, uncovering global decor and hidden pockets of interesting aesthetics. When that dream comes true, I may or may not volunteer myself to be Maureen’s personal paparazzo.

Last weekend, I went behind the scenes of Maureen’s latest project, a “Modern South” shoot collaboration between Maureen and three of her talented artist friends: stylist Cristina Facundo, graphic designer and papermaker, Kaleigh Wiese, and Joanna King, owner and operator of The Plantation House. See those little pink roses above? Kaleigh made those out of coffee filters! Which reminded me of the time that guy on Project Runway made a whole dress out of coffee filters, and everybody freaked out.

Now, I’m no tomboy, but parts of my life are pretty dude-erific. So it was refreshing doing something unabashedly girly for a day, especially since I’ve been spending a lot of time at sports bars lately watching the Olympics and cheering on Michael Phelps, as though he can hear me. ┬áThat’s not a joke.